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Janna Hölterman

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Janne Höltermann

Oct. 6-Dec. 30, 2017


Janne Höltermann attended the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, Germany, and then received her MFA at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work in video and photography examines the human perception and conception of space, especially as it is mediated by the camera. Space, and the various means in which we manipulate it, shapes how we experience the world and informs our understanding of ourselves. “At the core of my practice is a supposedly simple question,” Höltermann said. “How do physical, digital, and virtual architectures, media, and movement shape our mental and psychological space and our embodied sense of being in the world?”

This exhibition explores that question through three bodies of work. Planes, a video and accompanying photograph, compresses the flight trajectories of all incoming and outgoing planes of an airport in one day, offering a striking visualization of how the seemingly boundless sky has been mapped to accommodate the regularity of air travel. Höltermann filmed the work over the course of a day outside Logan International Airport and overlaid the individual frames in post-production to create visual traces of the air traffic.

Planes is accompanied by two additional photographic series: Monhegan Sun and Space Park. The two series focus on the built environment: a casino and movie theater, respectively. Höltermann emphasized that dislocation and unharmonious relationship by photographing the buildings initially at sunset and then continuing into the evening. As the light fades, the buildings become monolithic abstractions defined by a theatrical play of light and dark.


Janne Höltermann (U.S.)
, 2016
C-print, 31 x 48 in.
Image courtesy of the artist