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Journey Toward an Open Mind

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
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Journey Toward an Open Mind

March 1-July 9, 2017

Education Gallery

“Our journey has now become your journey. As you travel through this exhibition, you also travel through our minds.”

Journey Toward an Open Mind

The collages in this gallery were inspired by PHOTO/SYNTHESIS, a photography exhibition by Will Wilson on view Jan. 27–April 2, 2017. Adapting themes from the exhibition, including the way we identify and represent ourselves, several students from Mission Academy High School created their own mixed-media self-portraits with direction from Oklahoma City photographer Shelby Hartzell.

Discovering who you are can be a lifelong process, and for many of us, this journey begins as teenagers. Mission Academy is a recovery-based learning environment that helps teens reclaim their lives from addiction while rebuilding a healthy sense of selfhood. The works in this gallery express a range of emotions that reflect this process, but ultimately create a powerful statement about hope and the art of finding yourself.