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Poteet Victory

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Horseman Anadarko

In the Abbreviated Portrait Series, native Oklahoma artist Poteet Victory (Cherokee/ Choctaw) distills portraits of celebrities and other iconic figures to the most minimal forms and associated colors. The artist has long been fascinated with Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Wassily Kandinsky, and others who explore the power of symbols and colors. Victory’s portraits employ common mental cues or triggers commonly associated with popular personalities, the titles of which are abbreviated in a manner akin to popular acronyms.

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Image Credits
Poteet Victory (U.S. Cherokee/Choctaw; b. 1947)
PRNC [detail], 2015
Oil on canvas, 48x48 in.
Image courtesy of the artist

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Public Guest Lecture & Reception
1 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28
Mary Eddy and Fred Jones Auditorium Finding Originality

Artist Poteet Victory will speak about the rare commodity of originality in the art world as it relates to his Abbreviated Portrait Series. A public reception will follow the lecture.