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K-12 Programs

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
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ArtEDGE is a collaborative program between the museum and Bizzell Library’s Emerging Technology department. Beginning in 2016, the program invites fifty 7th and 8th grade students from Norman Public School to the OU campus to learn about innovation in art and technology through an interdisciplinary lens.

The pilot project, sponsored by the Museum Association, focused on ‘close looking,’ or observational skills, creative writing, and drawing exercises to interpret a work of art in the museum. The students transferred their museum-based experience to the library’s EDGE innovation space, where they engaged with emerging technologies centered around art. Working closely with the School of Visual Art, students concluded their day with hands-on team projects that were featured in the museum’s Learning + Engagement gallery.

In 2017, the museum and library teamed up with the College of Architecture to focus on the unique architecture of the museum’s Stuart and Lester wings. In the EDGE space, students learned about technological advances in the field, including 3D ‘printed’ building and virtual interior design. Using design thinking, students took inspiration from a sculpture at the museum to create collaborative architectural models.

To learn more about ArtEDGE for Norman Public School, please contact the Director of Learning + Engagement, Melissa Ski, at