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About Fleet Services

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About Fleet Services

Fleet Services is a service unit of the Operations Division, under Parking and Transportation Services at the University of Oklahoma. As such, it doesn’t receive a budget allocation from the University, but instead charges departments for the services and products it provides.

Each service area within Fleet Services (leasing, motor pool, maintenance, fuel, parts, administration) is a separate budget unit. Revenues and expenses for each area are tracked in order to measure each unit's financial performance. This allows the administration to make specific adjustments to income and expenses for each area, and monitor the overall performance and effectiveness of Fleet Services.

Rates for services are maintained at a level that allows for recovery of labor costs, operating expenses, facility maintenance, cost of sales and capital investment.

This business model facilitates the provision of quality, comprehensive vehicle services by utilizing lean, efficient business practices resulting in the delivery of the best value of services dedicated to supporting the transportation needs of the University of Oklahoma.

Procurement & Management – Fleet Services oversees vehicle procurement in compliance with Oklahoma statutes and University policies. Vehicles are purchased from vendors on the State's vehicle contract to provide best pricing and value. Vehicles are managed with the goal of maximizing utilization and lifecycles while minimizing the number of vehicles in the fleet. Vehicles are rented to departments on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

Maintenance & Repair – Vehicles are serviced and repaired at the Transportation Operations Center where they are serviced according to preventive maintenance schedules and repaired in a timely and efficient manner with quality parts by ASE certified technicians. The goal is to keep vehicle downtime to a minimum and maximize fleet availability.

Replacement - Vehicles are typically assigned a 10year/100,000 mile lifecycle when they are acquired. Replacement is based on this and/or other factors such as operating cost per mile, utilization, overall condition and parts/service availability. Each vehicle is evaluated for replacement/retirement on a case-by-case basis using these criteria. The University's fleet management system also monitors these conditions and will provide reports regarding replacement.

Fuel – Vehicles have access to a full complement of fuels conveniently available 24 hours a day/7 days a week at the automated fuel station. This includes alternative fuels to support the University’s environmental sustainability efforts as well as promoting renewable, domestic and cleaner forms of energy. Fuel is provided to the University on a consignment basis via the State's bulk fuel contract, which provides for the best pricing and value.

Reporting – Fleet Services is responsible for maintaining and providing comprehensive and detailed vehicle records regarding procurement, sales, and operating expenses to the University administration, Regents and the State of Oklahoma Fleet Management division per Oklahoma statutes. Fleet Services also submits reports to the local ACOG office, the Clean Cities program as well as Federal EPACT compliance reports (regarding the use of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicle procurement).

Fleet Services has been recognized as one of the '100 Best Fleets' in North America and the vehicle service center has been awarded the 'Blue Seal of Excellence' by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Fleet's future commitment to excellence has been enhanced by its 2008 relocation to the Transportation Operations Center on south campus. This facility will allow Fleet to continue to build and improve services, offer quality training opportunities for staff and accommodate the University’s future transportation needs.