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Policies, Insurance, Purchasing

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Drivers and Vehicles

State law requires detailed information on licensed vehicles owned and operated by state agencies. To comply, Fleet Services has the responsibility of coordinating with University departments to obtain and report the information required by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the State of Oklahoma.

University policies and procedures governing the use of vehicles are in accordance with Title 47, 1971 Oklahoma Statutes and apply to the purchase, use, and operation of all state vehicles. All persons operating a University motorized vehicle(including leased vehicles) are expected to understand and comply with the sections regarding operation and use of motor vehicles.

University vehicles can park in any service vehicle space, faculty/staff or student parking space, but are prohibited from parking in no parking zones, physical disability spaces, firelanes, drive lanes and/or any area not designated as a parking space. Parking permits are not required for University vehicles, but gate cards are needed to access gated parking lots. Visit the Parking Services website for parking regulations and questions regarding policies/procedures.

All persons operating University owned or leased motorized vehicles and equipment (including golf cars, ATV's, mowers, tractors, etc.)  must be employees of the University of Oklahoma and must have a valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle being driven. Students must be employees of the University and authorized to operate a University vehicle by their manager/supervisor for purposes within the scope of their employment. International students must have a valid driver's license from their home state or a valid license from their country of origin.

For safety related reasons, no more than nine (9) people, including the driver, can travel in a passenger van owned, operated, and/or leased by OU. 

Everyone must be seated, and wear a seat belt at all times.

It is prohibited for any person to ride to and from their place of residence in a state or leased vehicle, or to otherwise use a state/leased vehicle for private purposes.

Take Home Vehicles - Employees of the University cannot be assigned a University vehicle for use on a 'take home' 24-hour basis unless an exception has been granted based on a specific need.

Passengers that are not employees shall not be transported in state or leased vehicles unless they are on official University business.

'Text Messaging' is prohibited while driving state and leased vehicles and/or when driving private vehicles on official business per State of Oklahoma Executive Order.

'Smoking' is prohibited in state vehicles, and leased/rented vehicles.

Drivers must abide by traffic laws and speed limits; be a courteous driver.

Vehicles and equipment must be driven and used in accordance with design, intended purpose and/or manufacturer's requirements and recommendations.

Transporting pets/animals in OU vehicles is prohibited, unless a specific exception has been granted by Fleet Services.

Fleet Services does not provide physical disability mobility devices and none of the University's vehicles and/or equipment are intended (or designed) to be used as such. For information regarding disability services, please refer to the OU Office of Disability Services.

Student organizations are not allowed to use University vehicles. 

Driving Complaints - Driving/operating a University vehicle (or equipment) is a privilege, not a right. Drivers are expected to be courteous, abide by traffic laws and follow safe operating procedures. Complaints made to Fleet Services will be forwarded to the contact person(Supervisor/Manager/Dept Head) listed for that vehicle in the Fleet Management system. That person is expected to quickly and thoroughly address the issue with the driver, and other staff as needed. Complaints can result in an investigation by the appropriate authority resulting in suspension of driving privileges for that person and/or the department, and/or more severe disciplinary action may be taken.

University owned vehicles shall be identified by an OU decal posted to the exterior of the vehicle on the doors, fender panels or windows. This includes leased vehicles when possible.

Vehicles and equipment ready for surplus will be sent to OMES State Surplus, or OU Property Control for an auction sale.

Vehicles and motorized equipment sent to State Surplus or OU Property Control for surplus sale will not be returned to the University's fleet. All will be sold to the public or transferred to a state agency other than the University of Oklahoma.

If your department operates a golf car, ATV or other small motorized vehicle, please have drivers read the following OU policy provided by the link below:


Vehicle Idle Policy

Insurance and Accidents


Fleet Services ensures that the University's obligation is met regarding payment of liability insurance for all vehicles and motorized equipment owned by the University. Fleet Services will bill each department's account annually for liability insurance. Optional - for an additional fee a 'Physical Damage' insurance policy is also available(deductibles apply) through the State Risk Managment office to protect against weather damage, fire, collision damage, etc..

Any department operating a motorized vehicle must make sure a copy of the the State's Certificate of Liability Insurance is kept in the glove box or console. Vehicles that travel outside of Oklahoma will also need a copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance for Out of State travel. Copies can be obtained from Fleet Services.

Departments will be charged for damage repair costs through Fleet Services.

Insurance questions? Please call Risk Management at 325-5433.


Accidents involving University owned vehicles must be investigated by the proper police agency having jurisdiction where the accident occurs. Procedures for handling accidents should be kept in every University vehicle, in the glove box or console. Departments are required to keep such written procedures in their vehicles and should routinely check to make sure forms are present and up to date. For every accident, A Standard Liability Incident Report form and Scope of Employment form must be completed. These forms are available at the Risk Management Office in the NEL building. Responsibility for the proper reporting of vehicle accidents rests with the vehicle driver.

The OU Risk Management Office handles all accident reports and insurance claims. Contact Risk Managment at 325-5433 for forms and details.

Vehicle Replacement

Motor vehicles owned and operated by the University of Oklahoma may be replaced when one or both of the following conditions are met:

  • At least six years and no more than ten years of age, based on model year and/or acquisition date
  • Odometer reads at least 72,000 miles

Vehicle replacement will be coordinated through Fleet Services.

Purchasing a Vehicle, Golf Car or ATV

University vehicles(sedans, vans, pickups and SUVs) and light equipment such as golf cars and ATVs will be purchased and managed by Fleet Services and leased to departments on a monthly basis. Heavy trucks and/or specialized vehicles and some light duty vehicles may be purchased by departments with the approval of the Fleet Services Administrator, and the Director of Parking and Transportation. All vehicles should be purchased from the Oklahoma Vehicle Contract (ref. SW035-M) issued annually by the State of Oklahoma Department of Central Services. Whenever possible, new vehicles should be purchased that are capable of using an alternative fuel(see policy under fueling vehicle/fuel station tab in left nav menu)

The contract is organized by vehicle type and each tab displays the vendor name, base vehicle features, price and available options. Optional accessories must be accompanied by a written document that justifies the need for the selected options.


  1. Identify the supplier, year, make and model of the vehicle to be purchased from the statewide vehicle contract.
  2. Enter a requisition to the appropriate supplier into Crimson Corner.
  3. Item #1 should be the base price of the vehicle.
  4. The following items should be options with each option listed separately with specific cost.
  5. Complete a copy of the University’s Vehicle, Golf Car, ATV Request Form (see Forms, Documents page). A request to purchase an additional vehicle will require detailed justification(secondary form to be provided by Fleet Services).
  6. Fill it out completely and obtain signatures for the following at the bottom of the form:
    1. Budget Head/Account Sponsor
    2. Dean/Chair/Director
  7. Attach the completed form to the requisition and forward by campus mail to:
    1. Leon Fourcade, Fleet Services Administrator
    2. Transportation Operations Center, 510 E. Chesapeake 73019
  8. Fleet Services will review the request for compliance with University policies and then submit it for approval by the State of Oklahoma Department of Central Services.
  9. Upon approval, Fleet Services will forward the documents to the Purchasing Department so a PO can be issued.
  10. Vendors usually require 90-180 days to deliver a vehicle from the date they receive the PO.
  11. All vehicles must be delivered from the vendor to Fleet Services for processing (decals, insurance and title registration, inventory registration, license plate).
  12. Fleet Services will charge departments for liability insurance ($84/yr) and overhead fee($60/yr)
  13. If you need assistance or have questions about the procedure or alternative fuel policy compliance, please contact the Fleet Services Administrator at 325-1795