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Food Insecurity

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Food Insecurity on Campus

Food insecurity refers to the lack of access to enough food or limited and uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate food.

According to the Regional Foodbank of Oklahoma, one in six Oklahomans struggle with hunger. Many within the OU community suffer from food insecurity issues.

Lack of nutritious food can be detrimental to the success of our students. Financial hardship can be distracting and can compromise students' ability to perform well in classes.

Hunger on campus

Hunger In Oklahoma Executive Summary

food vs medical
food v medication

National Student Campaign Against Hunger & Homelessness


Extensive research has shown that college students from several economic backgrounds suffer from hunger and food insecurity.  The majority of these students work 10-40 hours per week, but they continue to struggle due to the rising costs of living and education expenses.

The University of Oklahoma recognizes that this is a problem and we have responded by setting up a food pantry program.  The OU Food Pantry is a student run facility that is dedicated to creating a culture of health and wellness within the OU Community.