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Meet Our Team

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Meet Our Team

OU Food Pantry 2019-20 Student Staff

If you have an OU Food Pantry question or concern, please email us at

Justin BallouStudent Director 
Shira BarnettOperations Manager
Brittnie CamperOperations Manager
Dax Covalt PR/Marketing
Madeleine DorstOperations Manager 
Heather HollidayPR/Marketing  
Michaela KhoussineSocial Media Coordinator
Sephra Kolker
Ethan MaddyOperations Manager
Matt MarksGraduate Director 
Braydon Moore
Volunteer Coordinator
Jackson PesinaPR/Marketing
Sidhvi Reddy
Donations Coordinator

Interested In Volunteering?

Email us:

OU Food Pantry Faculty/Staff Steering Committee

Kevin BarkerOU Housing and Food Services
Brad BurnettEnrollment and Student Financial Services 
Frank HenryOU Food Services Executive Director
Windeon McDowellOU Housing and Food Services
Margaret PoolOU Goddard Health Services
Katy PowersOutreach Director, BIT
Fran Olsen Sharp OU Food Services Dietician
Shana Stanton Academic Advising Resource Center