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Do you like to Cook? Check out our new pantry cookbook!

A Year of Recipes: OU Food Pantry

To search through some yummy recipes for each month of the year click on the link below.


Eating Healthy on a Budget

1. Buy fresh produce when it's in season and freeze it.
2. Look for sales and plan meals accordingly.
3. Emphasize whole grains and beans.
4. Try less expensive cuts of meat.
5. Repurpose leftovers.
6. Participate in a community garden, such as the OU Wellness Community Garden.
7. Check out generic brands.
8. Use coupons and maximize store loyalty discounts.
9. Download a FREE grocery price comparison app to determine where you can get items at the lowest cost locally. Example: Grocery Pal, uGrocery, Basket Savings.


Full Plate Living

This is a FREE program for OU students, faculty, and staff! Full Plate Living provides practical, long-term solutions for reaching life’s goals through better nutrition. Are you tired of diets that require expensive specialty items and restrictive regimens? Foods that isolate you from family and friends? Meals that leave you hungry? Full Plate Living is for anyone who wants to live life to its fullest.

Visit OU Fit-Rec for more information.