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1955 Directory

Faculty, Staff, Students

Group photo from 1955
Jesse Andrews (Staff)
Donald H. Baepler (Graduate Assistant) and Betts (Mrs. Don Baepler)
George H. Bick (Staff) and Juanda (Mrs. George H. Bick), Patricia and Susan
Charles C. Carpenter (Staff), Mary (Mrs. Charles Carpenter) and Janet
Virgil E. Dowell (Graduate Assistant)
Betty Ruth Estes (Staff)
Kenneth Jack Evans and Patricia (Mrs. Kenneth Evans)
George J. Goodman (Staff), and Marcia (Mrs. George Goodman)
Jean W. Graber
Richard R. Graber
Leon Thomson Harney
Don Winston Hickman
Benny L. Johnson (Kitchen staff)
Clyde Johnson (Staff)
John C. Johnson, Jr.
Dee Keeton
Paul Courtland Kemmerly and Jan (Mrs. Paul Kemmerly)
Earl B. Kilpatrick
Dorothy V. Leake (Staff, Mrs. Henderson Leake) and Henderson Leake
C. Vernon Loach, Jr.
Thomas J. McKnight
Clifford E. Murphy
Delmas Lynn Northcutt
Jane Alice Price
Carl D. Riggs (Director), Patricia (Mrs. Carl Riggs), Margaret Clare, Carl D. Jr., and Lynn Wells
Larry S. Roberts (Student Asst.)
George Scott
J. Teague Self (Staff), Ida (Mrs. Teague Self), Virginia and Dick
Tom Sexton (Kitchen staff)
Vera Stricklin (Staff), Linda Kay, Jackie Joe, and David
Mary Helen Terhune
Kenneth S. Trough
Glenn R. Webb (Graduate Assistant)
Julia Nell Wheeler
Dan L. Willson (Graduate Assistant)
Charles Edward Wright
Robert John Young




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