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1963 Directory

Faculty, Staff, Students

Summer Session 1963 Group Photo

Starting at top left:  1.  Betty Fleming 2.  Richard Evans 3. David Lollis & family 4. Jimmie Pigg 5.  Byron Moser 6.  Larry McDougald 7.  Susan Bick 8.  Mary Jane Foley 9. Kurt Schaefer (sans family of 6) 10. David Ruffer & Marilyn 11. Doyle Orrell 12. David Pritchard 13. Sig Nelson 14. Mike Goode 15. Dave Taylor 16. Pat Sandoz 17. Jeff Griffin 18. Frank & Sonja Wade 19. Nathan Rusher (sans family of 4) 20. Mrs. Ruth Marcum 21. Chuck Shoemake 22. Chris Minzwer 23. Olin Fearing 24. Shorty Mitchell (Asst. Custodian) 25. Dave Cass 26. Mrs. McWilliams (cook) 27. Mrs. Askew (cook) 28. Mrs. Mercer (cook) 29. Bob Stephens 30. Mrs. Helen Aingworth 31.  Jim Worsham (sans Phyllis & Rusty) 32. Marta Oliver 33. Dr. Darvin Keck 34. Carolyn Harris 35. Mac Francis 36. Don Klovstad 37. Townley Price 38. Mary Ann Roepke 39. David Harrison 40. Bobby Gene Whiteside 41. Ben Allen 42. Bill Talbot 43. Jack Jennison 44. Paulette Setzer 45. Ken Richter 46. Tony Echelle 47. Jim Saxon 48. Milton Curd 49. Charles Taber 50. Bill Shelton 51. Craig MacFarland 52. Fred Rainwater & twins 53. Harley Reno 54. Clyde Powell 55. Bill McGrew 56. Sue Griffith 57. Sharron Andres 58. Judith Arnn 59. Dr. & Mrs. M.T. Hall & Susan, Alan & Lane  60. Donna Page 61. Mike Horn 62.  Judy Geis 63. Burt Ritter 64. Marilyn Schust 65. Dr. George Ware & June + 4 66. Ron Bost 67. Dr. Lewis Peters, Beth & Tad 68. Tommy Lockwood 69. Andy Sliger 70. Dr. H.P. Brown 71.  Joy Brown 72.  Lynn Wells 73.  John Shed 74. Don Bridgewater 75.  Dr. C.D. Riggs & Pat, Dan 76. Vishnu Saksena 77. Bob Grinstead & Par 78.  Dr. Howard McCarley, Marian, Susan, Murray & Ward 79. Lother Hornuff 80. Dr. Chas. Carpenter & Geoffrey & Caryn 81. Dr. John Mackiewicz & Shirley & Janina 82. Morris Jennison & wife (Mary), Jim, Ruth Ann, & Rosemary 83. Dr. & Mrs. G.A. Moore & Patty 84. Russell Osborn 85. Tom, Zoe Ann & Christi Mitchell 86. Dr. Geo. Bick, Juanda & Patty 87. Yuk Chun So 88. Sandra Bressler 89. Bill Orr
Missing:  Robert Brandenburg & family (3), Janet Carpenter, Claudia Carr, Tony Iovino, Clyde Johnson, Reuben Manning (perhaps behind #42), Billy Martin (behind Richter?), Dr. Sheridan Lee (getting crowd to smile for picture), Dr. C.S. Linn, Roy Sanders, Jackie Speir

1963 Summer Session Faculty and Staff

Ben Allen, Tony Echelle, Dr. Lewis Peters (Parasitology), Dr. Carl Riggs (Director), Dr. George Bick (Field Entomology), Bob Stephens, Harley Reno, Frank Wade, David Pritchard, Dr. M.T, Hall, Dr. George A. Moore, Sandra Bressler, Dr. Harley P. Brown, Mrs. Riggs, Donna Page (secretary), Dr. Howard McCarley (Natural History of Vertebrates), Patty Moore (Library), Sonja Wade (Library), Dr. George Ware (Plant Ecology), Dr. Charles Carpenter (Animal Behavior)


Helen W. Aingworth (Faculty) and Ricky Garner (grandson) Benjamin Ray Allen Sharron Lillian Andrews
Judith Amanda Arnn Maggie Lee Askew (Cook's helper) George H. Bick (Faculty) and Juanda (Mrs. Bick), Susan and Patty
Ronald Bost Robert L. Brandenburg (Faculty), Virginia (Mrs. Brandenburg), Linda and Jennifer Sandra Lou Bressler
Donald D. Bridgewater Harley P. Brown (Faculty)and Laura (Mrs. Brown)< Mary H. (Joy) Brown
Orville Donald Brown (Faculty) Charles C. Carpenter (Faculty), Mary (Mrs. Carpenter), Janet, Caryn and Geoffrey Claudia Jean Carr
David D. Cass

Milton R. Curd (Faculty)

Anthony Allan Echelle (Faculty)

Richard Frank Evan

Olin S. Fearing (Faculty), Glenna (Mrs. Fearing), Elizabeth and Kirk

Bennie R. Ford and Jeanette (Mrs. Ford)

Elizabeth R. Fleming (Faculty)

Mary Jane Foley

Mac G. Francis

Charles Gardner (Faculty)

Judith Ann Geis (Judy)

James Michael Goode (Kitchen)

Jeffrey F. Griffin

Susan J. Griffith

Bobby G. Grinstead and Par (Mrs. Grinstead)

Marion Trufant Hall (Faculty), Virginia (Mrs. Hall), Susan, Alan and Lane Carolyn Harris David Harrison
Michael Hastings Horn Lothar E. Hornuff, Jr. (Faculty) Tony Iovino
Morris C. Jennison (Faculty), Mary (Mrs. Jennison), Jack, Jimmy, Ruth Ann and Rosemary Clyde Johnson (Custodian) Darvin Wendell Keck
Don Klovstad Sheridan H. Lee C.S. Linn
Tommie Earl Lockwood David W. Lollis (Faculty) and Sue (Mrs. Lollis) Craig MacFarland
John S. Mackiewicz (Faculty), Shirley (Mrs. Mackiewicz), and Janina Howard McCarley (Faculty), Marian (Mrs. McCarley), Susan, Ward and Murray Larry R. McDougald (Faculty)
William Clement McGrew Alice V. McWilliams (Cook) Reuben D. Manning (Faculty)
Ruth Hinds Marcum (Faculty), and Jane (Sam) Billy F. Martin Jeanne Marie Mayfield
Lorena Mercer (Assistant Cook) G.T. Mitchell (Faculty), Zoe Ann (Mrs. Mitchell) and Christi George A. Moore (Faculty), Leah (Mrs. Moore), and Patty (Librarian)
Byron B. Moser Christian R. Minzwer Sigurd O. Nelson, Jr.
Marta Oliver William C. Orr, Jr. Doyle L. Orrell
Russell S. Osborn Donna Page (Secretary) Lewis E. Peters (Faculty), Beth (Mrs. Peters) and Raymond (Tad)
Jimmie Pigg (Faculty) Clyde R. Powell James Townley Price
David L. Pritchard and Carol Jean (Mrs. Pritchard) Fred L. Rainwater (Faculty), Jenny (Mrs. Rainwater), Jeff and Gregg Harley Wayne Reno
Mary Ann Roepke Kenneth N. Richter Carl D. Riggs (Director), Patricia (Mrs. Riggs-Counselor), Margaret, Dan and Jeff
H. Burt Ritter David G. Ruffer and Marilyn (Mrs. Ruffer) Nathan T. Rusher (Faculty), Mary (Mrs. Rusher), Timmmy, Robert and Oliver
Vishnu P. Saksena, Ashram Saksena, Nagar Subhash, India Bareilly Dana Roy Sanders Pat Allen Sandoz
James Glenn Saxon Kurt F. Schaefer, Earlene (Mrs. Schaefer), Ann, Elizabeth and Erich Marilyn Kay Schust
J. Teague Self (Faculty) Paulette Setzer John S. Shed (Faculty)
William Lee Shelton Charles M. Shoemake Wilburn Andrew Sliger
Yuk Chun So Jackie R. Speir Robert Rhea Stephens
Charles Alec Taber (Faculty) William A. Talbot David Ralph Taylor
William Frank Wade and Sonja (Mrs. Wade - Assistant Librarian) George H. Ware (Faculty), June (Mrs. Ware), David, Daniel, Patrick and John Lynn Wells (Kitchen)
Bobby Gene Whiteside James Robert Worsham (Faculty), Phyllis (Mrs. Worsham), and Russell (Rusty)  




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