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I am familiar with Lake Texoma due to the fact that much of my family is from southern Oklahoma, specifically Kingston, where many of my extended relatives live today. Lake Texoma and the surrounding area present a great opportunity as a study site. The lake itself, and surrounding aquatic habitats, will provide numerous opportunities to find communities of diverse Daphnia species and an ideal location to compare the Daphnia communities from a variety of habitats.

My planned study will provide insight into Daphnia population and community genetic structure, and the influence that genetic diversity may have on the fitness of a Daphnia species within a community. These results will not only provide a deeper understanding of Daphnia populations and interspecific interactions, but also if there is a fundamental benefit to an increased genetic diversity, thus having implications to any organism competing within a community. I look forward to my work and time here at the UOBS and welcome any questions or comments from the Friends of the UOBS.

Philip Morton

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The next Celebration of the Friends of the University of Oklahoma Biological Station will be held at the OU Biological Station at Lake Texoma Oct. 14-16, 2011. Activities will kick off with a social gathering on Friday afternoon and evening and the tradition will continue with the auction to be held on Saturday evening. Additional information will be posted on the Friends web site at as it becomes available. An announcement will soon be posted at,

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