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The University of Oklahoma Biological Station was established in 1949. The land and an unfinished building were deeded to "the Regents of the University of Oklahoma for the sole purpose of establishing and operating a biological experiment and research station and for related scientific and educational purposes", by Norman W. Brillhart, Mildred Colby Brillhart and Mrs. W. H. Colby. Dick and Ellen Rowe Phillips (daughter of Norman and Mildred Brillhart), continue to be involved with and strong supporters of the Biological Station. This was the result of a chance encounter between Carl Daniel Riggs, Ph.D., the first director of the Biological Station, and Norman Brillhart, a Madill banker, who also enjoyed fishing.


Barge photo


The first summer session was held the summer of 1950. Classes and living quarters were on a barge and houseboat while the "Main" building was being completed.

1950's MAin Building and grounds
Carl Daniel Riggs, the "founding father", served as the first director of the Biological Station from 1950-1969. He married Patricia Bynum in June of 1952 and they honeymooned at the Biological Station. Patricia served as the Counselor of Women from 1954 to 1966. July 14, 2001, a dedication ceremony was held to honor Carl and Pat as the libary/administration building was named the Carl and Patricia Riggs Library/Administration Building and a plaque was presented. Carl died on September 29, 2002. Pat continues to serve on the Friends of the OU Biological Station executive committee. She has also established an endowed scholarship fund, the Carl and Pat Bynum Riggs Endowed Scholarship Fund.
Carl and Pat Riggs, July 2001




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