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Ally Trainings

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What is an LGBTQ Ally?

An LGBTQ Ally is an individual with the awareness, knowledge, and skills to confront injustice and advocate for equality, while supporting all persons, regardless of perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, who are experiencing discrimination.

LGBTQ Allies are identified on campus by buttons, signs, and t-shirts that carry the offical LGBTQ Ally logo. If you see this logo, the person displaying it has gone through the official three hour training and is a resource for the campus community.

LGBTQ Ally Training

LGBTQ Ally Trainings Offered:

LGBTQ Ally - For students and staff

Faculty Ally - For OU faculty members

Greek Ally - For greek students

K-12 Ally - For education students

Medical Ally - For students, faculty, & staff in the medical field

Tulsa Ally - For students, faculty, & staff on OU's Tulsa campus

Ally 2.0 - For anyone who has already completed an LGBTQ Ally training

Resources for Allies: