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Ally Programs



An LGBTQ Ally is an individual with the awareness, knowledge, and skills to confront injustice and advocate for equality, while supporting all persons, regardless of perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, who are experiencing discrimination.

In its 9th year of linking lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students with faculty, staff, and peers, the LGBTQ Ally program is an LGBTQ cultural and awareness training that allows participants to focus on understanding LGBTQ concepts and issues, developing an awareness of biases and recognizing heterosexual and cisgender privilege, and exploring their own ally journey and ways to become an advocate to create an LGBTQ-affirming campus.

LGBTQ Allies are identified on campus by buttons, signs, and t-shirts that carry the offical LGBTQ Ally logo. If you see this logo, the person displaying it has gone through the official three hour training and is a resource for the campus community.

Ally 2.0

Ally 2.0 is an expansion of the LGBTQ Ally Program offered through the OU Gender + Equality Center. The program was designed to meet the needs of those who have already been trained as an LGBTQ Ally at OU and would like a deeper understanding of the issues faced by members of the LGBTQ community. The program further develops the tools allies have at their disposal to combat anti-LGBTQ stigma and aggression.

Participants in the Ally 2.0 program will receive an Ally 2.0 button to signify that they have gone through the official 2-hour training and that they have a deeper understanding of both their role as an ally and the challenges experienced by members of the LGBTQ community.