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LQBTQ Support

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LGBTQ Support

LQBTQ Support

Questioning and Coming Out Support

College can be a time for students to come out to others for the first time. These disclosures can sometimes cause a variety of feelings and reactions. The staff at University Counseling Services can help you deal with these issues in a supportive and confidential manner. LGBTQ support groups are also available to OU community members.  To make an appointment, call (405) 325-2911.

QSA - Queer Student Alliance

QSA is the student organization serving the LGBTQ community. The group meets weekly during the academic year and is a place of social support, as well as education and advocacy programs on campus. Meetings are held every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. For more information about the group or where they are meeting, visit their Facebook page under QSA.

On Campus Housing

Sometimes community living can be a source of stress for LGBTQ students. Our housing staff is committed to making sure students have a living environment that contributes to their overall success at the university. Many of our housing professional staff and Resident Advisors have completed our Sooner Ally training to help them better understand the unique issues of the LGBTQ community. If you are concerned about your specific situation as it relates to University Housing, please contact Diane Brittingham, Director of Residence Life 325-1284 or Kathy Fahl from the Gender + Equality Center 325-5352, to confidentially discuss your individual circumstance.

Chosen or Preferred Name

For trans and gender non-conforming students, using a chosen name is important to one's overall well-being and success on campus.  Staff at the Gender + Equality Center can assist you in the process of executing a legal name change with the University.  We also understand that not all students are in the position to legally change their name, but would still like to use their chosen, or preferred name. You can add your preferred name and it will change the online director, class roster, and grade roster.

OrgSync: Student may change their name in the profile section.

One Card: By registering a preferred name with the Academic Records Office, students can request an updated One Card with their chosen name.  Students must complete a request form and take the approved form to the One Card office in the OMU in order to process the request. An updated One Card costs $5. 

Canvas: Students can request to have their chosen or preferred name listed in Canvas. First, they must register their preferred name with the Academic Records Office, then complete the link below. 


Diploma: Without a legal name change, students have the option of having a chosen first name and legal last name listed on their diploma. Students list their chosen/preferred name on their Graduation Application. 

Payroll: Send an email to PAYROLL@OU.EDU and request the name to be changed. 


Occasionally LGBTQ students may experience harassment that can take the form of taunting, name calling, threats, or even destruction of property. If you are experiencing harassment or are not sure if what you are experiencing is harassment, there are a number of resources that can help:

Gender + Equality Center: (405) 325-4929

Title IX Office: (405) 325-2215

If at any time you feel like you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call 911. If you call from on campus using a cell phone and an operator asks, “What city?” request OUPD if on campus or the Norman Police Department if off campus.