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College of Allied Health

Pre-Occupational Therapy


Contact Information

Occupational Therapy program in the College of Allied Health

Phone: (405) 271-2131



Occupational therapists help people who are recovering from severe injuries or debilitating disease, overcoming developmental disabilities or coping with changes brought about by age, adapt and regain their independence. Occupational Therapists help people learn or relearn to do basic, everyday activities. At the OU Health Sciences Center, Occupational Therapy students learn the skills needed to help others overcome physical, social and emotional impairments. Students learn both in the classroom, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and in clinical experiences. Each student completes clinical rotations, working in clinics or hospitals with professionals and learning through real-world environments.

Prospective students can begin their college career at OU's Norman campus for general-education study with an emphasis in biology, chemistry, zoology or other science-related fields. After two years of academic work at the main campus, students may apply to the College of Allied Health. OUHSC's campus offers students an engaging setting among students and faculty of other health and science fields. Upon graduation, students are eligible to sit for the state licensure exam.


Notable Achievements
An Occupational Therapy professor was recently awarded a U.S. Housing and Urban Development Community Development Grant to establish occupational therapy services in a Tulsa agency, providing community-based services for people with problems with substance abuse.

A recent graduate was elected to represent OU as Vice Chair of the Assembly of Student Delegates for the American Occupational Therapy Association.


Degree Options
An Occupational Therapy student graduates with a Master of Occupational Therapy degree.


The Occupational Therapy program is accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.


Interests and Skills
Occupational Therapy students typically have interests in math and science. They also have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy working with people. Also, Occupational Therapy students need to be inventive and able to adapt to different situations. High school preparation should include math and science courses, especially biology, health and chemistry.


Types of Employers
Home health care services
Physicians' offices
Occupational therapy clinics
Sports rehabilitation centers
Government agencies


Jobs of Recent OU Graduates
Occupational Therapist, ARC Therapy
Occupational Therapist, Rehabworks
Occupational Therapist teacher, Enid Public Schools
Occupational Therapist, Deaconess Hospital
Occupational Therapist, RehabCare Group


Jobs of Experienced Alumni
Chief Occupational Therapist, St. Anthony's Hospital
Coordinator of Arthritis Prevention Education, Oklahoma State Department of Health
Director of Occupational Therapy, Healthsouth Rehabilitation
Director of Rehabilitation Services, Nova Care, Inc.
Occupational Therapist, Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation
Clinical Director of Rehabilitation, Centre For Neuro Skills