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Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy

Petroleum Geology


Contact Information

Conoco-Phillips School of Geology and Geophysics

Phone: (405) 325-3255



Program Description

The petroleum field is quickly growing, and new graduates are needed to fill the role of petroleum geologists. Petroleum geologists apply their knowledge of the earth and its structures to find and extract oil. Typically a petroleum geologist works with or leads a team and analyzes data to aid in locating and retrieving oil. Students in OU's School of Geology and Geophysics gain the skills needed to work in a variety of large corporations and government agencies including NASA, BP America, ExxonMobil and the Department of Natural Resources. OU students have a 98 percent job placement rating, and graduates receive among the highest starting salaries in the nation.

Students learn from the highest-quality professors the knowledge and skills needed to work in Geology, and they put this knowledge to use in a variety of hands-on experiences. Many students pursue exciting and high-paying internships in both the summer and during the school year. Students have also traveled to such countries as Africa, Scotland, Mexico, India and South America to gain experience doing fieldwork.

Degree Options

A Petroleum Geology student graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Geology degree. A student can then choose to pursue a Master of Science in Geology or a Doctor of Philosophy in Geology degree.

Interests & Skills

Geology students typically have interests in problem solving, mathematics, science and technology. Students also have interests in working in the field and in the laboratory. High school preparation should include math and science courses, especially geographic sciences.

Notable Achievements

Graduates from OU's School of Geology and Geophysics are among the most highly recruited students in the energy industry, and 98 percent of graduating seniors are placed in full-time positions or choose to continue onto graduate school.

One recent graduate of the program received a $50,000 scholarship to continue her studies at Oxford, and another received a prestigious internship working with NASA.

Your Future

Types of Employers

Petroleum industry
Independent drilling companies
Large and small consulting firms
Energy companies
Government agencies

Recent Graduates Jobs

Geologist, BP America, Inc.
Geologist, Exxon
Geologist, Devon
Geologist, Chesapeake
Geologist, ConocoPhillips
Geologist, Berexo, Inc.
Federal science project manager,
    Interstate Oil & Gas Compact
Geologist, Chevron Texaco

Experienced Alumni Jobs

Senior geologist, Dominion
    Exploration & Production, Inc.
Executive Vice President,
    Pioneer Natural Resources
Geologist, ConocoPhillips
Geologist, Husky Oil
Drilling engineer, FJ Brown and
    Associates, Inc.
Exploration geologist,
    Jones Energy, Ltd.
Petroleum engineer,
    Chaparral Energy, Inc.
Geologist, People's Oil