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Quotable OU Seniors

At the University of Oklahoma, you can make your mark. Several of our graduating seniors were asked to describe their experiences at OU. Check out what they said.

"I love the atmosphere. The size of the student body is perfect: enough people to feel like I'm in college, yet not too many to feel overwhelmed. I also love the pride everyone has for our campus, our traditions and our academic excellence. I am so thankful to have been a part of OU. Boomer Sooner!"

- Chinh Doan | Journalism | Oklahoma City, OK

"OU is an institution that emphasizes academic excellence, tradition and personal development. I love that I feel comfortable going to see my professors and advisors if I have questions about a class or if I just need advice. I love that we continue traditions that date back over 100 years. I love that we have opportunities to challenge processes and become independent adults. Most of all, I love that over the past four years, OU has become my home away from home. The students, faculty and staff are like family to me and I can't imagine going to school anywhere else."

- Cierra Odom | Energy Management | Burleson, TX

"OU is a second home to me. These past four years have been the best of my life because of the people that I’ve met and the relationships that I have formed. To me, the University of Oklahoma is an experience, not just a school. My time at OU has been highlighted by the numerous involvement opportunities. Through my campus involvement, I have met OU staff members that have become my advisors and mentors and who have helped me to grow into who I am, realize my passions and prepare me for the next step of my life."

- Matthew Nash | Zoology | Ponca City, OK

"I'm an only child, so coming to the University of Oklahoma wasn't easy on my parents or myself. OU's students, faculty and staff have built a community focused on our 'Sooner family.' There are no strangers on our campus; just welcoming, friendly faces. Through my freshman scholarship program, President's Community Scholars, I made instant friends! Now that I'm a senior, I still am close to many of them today, and we share a passion for our community and serving others through leadership efforts on campus. Everyone can find their own niche at OU through a scholarship program, a campus activity, intramurals, greek life, or even in class! I love OU because it's my home away from home."

- Bria Stewart | Business Management | McKinney, TX

"I have loved being a student at OU for many reasons, but the most important to me is the fact that all of the people i have met here at the University -- friends, coworkers, professors and OU employees -- have the common goal to help students succeed and thrive. Coming from a very small town, I was worried about adjusting to such a large school and had a fear of being lost in a crowd. But before I even arrived here, I was immediately surrounded by a wonderful support system that helped me get on the right track to success. In the time I've been here, that system of support has only grown, and I have even had the opportunity to pass on the support I have received. The heart and motivating spirit of everyone in the Sooner family has pushed me to accomplish, succeed and thrive more than I could have possibly imagined. And the best part is that it doesn't end with me!"

- Frances Mooney | Professional Writing | Drummond, OK

"I love OU because of the diversity! It is truly a home away from home. No matter what personality or interests you have there is an organization or group of people that you can join and feel a part of."

- Adriana Knight | Journalism | Spencer, OK

"I love OU because the OU community gives its time and energy to invest in me as a person, scholar and leader. I feel appreciated at OU for who I am and what I stand for. I love how much I have grown as a person and student while at the university."

Allison Harris | Journalism | McKinney, TX

"When I walked on campus for my first day of classes, OU instantly felt like home. I could tell right away that not only would I find community with my peers, but that my college journey would be an adventure, full of unexpected opportunity. One of my favorite parts of OU is the international aspect of our programs and people. I didn't expect to be able to travel around the globe while staying in Norman, OK. OU has thousands of international students from over 100 countries, an incredible College of International Studies with top notch faculty, and 27 international student organizations that share their traditions and lifestyle with students like me through their culture nights. As a member of International Advisory Committee, the umbrella organization over all international student groups, I worked with a team of international leaders to facilitate Eve of Nations, the largest international event in Oklahoma. While working with my international peers, I found out the importance of celebrating your differences, keeping an open mind, and enjoying laughter, something we all have in common across the globe. When I came to OU, I never expected to find the rest of the world in Oklahoma. However, in my years here I feel like I have visited dozens of countries and gained an international perspective that has proved invaluable. It just goes to show that when you choose to be a Sooner, expect the unexpected."

-  Melissa Mock | International and Area Studies | Frisco, TX

"OU is a special place for many reasons, but I love this university because of the ability OU students have to explore. During my time here, I have had the time to explore academically, socially, culturally, and personally. I've taken classes unrelated to my major, spent time learning from incredible professors all over campus, and been active in the Honors College. I have had the chance to travel abroad to developing regions and understand the socioeconomic aspects of medicine and also meet students from all over the world right here in Norman. OU pushes students to stray away from their comfort zones and grow into better students and citizens of the world. The opportunities are endless and you'll leave OU a different and better person than you came in as a freshman."

-  Ganga Moorthy | Microbiology | Alva, OK

"This place is truly special because of the community that has been built around the University. While we are an institution of 20,000+ covering all studies, backgrounds, and stories, OU seems like a very small school in terms of the relationships and familiarity students feel on campus."

Corbin Carter | Political Science/History | Edmond, OK

"OU has a strength in diversity and it is something that is growing over time. The amount of international students, study abroad programs, international organizations and resources is abundant and provides so many opportunities for growth outside of traditional Oklahoman lifestyle. The students and faculty from all around the world give the feeling of a global community without leaving Norman, Oklahoma."

Holly Berrigan | International and Area Studies | Edmond, OK

"The University of Oklahoma is called home by some of the most amazing, genuine people in the world. Everyone on faculty and staff here are always finding ways to challenge and improve the students whether it's academically or in leadership roles. OU has developed me into the leader I am today. Once you join the Sooner family, you realize there's no other university you would rather be at. No one has the positive spirit and true love for their school like the Sooners. From the Union Programming Board to Campus Activities Council to the community built in the Residence Halls, OU is always creating opportunities for it's students to interact and bond with their fellow Sooners. Being a student at OU gives you the confidence that someone will always be there for you. The University of Oklahoma is home; there's just no other place I'd rather be."

-  Bridgitte Castorino | Public Relations | Mansfield, TX

"I love OU because of it's on-campus diversity. There is something for everyone here including student organizations, interest clubs, intramural sports and so much more. OU is definitely a place where you can feel free to be yourself, share your interests and make friends while you do it. Boomer Sooner!"

-  Mariam Gates | Psychology | Midwest City, OK