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About Us

The purpose of the Graduation Office is to assist students in reaching their graduation goals. The staff of the Graduation Office work collaboratively with all areas of university life to increase opportunities for student achievement and to help students remove barriers they may encounter along their path to graduation.

Graduation Office Retention Initiatives

OU faculty and staff are invested in helping students achieve success. The University of Oklahoma continues to be among the nation's top universities in terms of gains in graduation rates. Graduation rates are calculated based on the percentage of students who enter the university as first time, full time (12 or more OU hours) students in a specific fall term and graduate from the university within six years.

The Graduation Office coordinates various initiatives aimed at impacting student success. Some of these initiatives are listed below.

Compass Network

Compass Network is an initiative aimed at helping students overcome barriers to their success at OU. Students work one-on-one with our staff to create an action plan to address the issue(s) impeding their success. Students should contact the Compass Network with any concern that they feel is getting in the way of their ability to create success.


The OU MoneyCoach Program will assist students with personalized, effective financial planning, coaching and financial literacy strategies to help ensure healthy lifelong financial behaviors, continous enrollment and, ultimately, graduation from the University of Oklahoma.  

Sooner Success

The Sooner Success Program is an individualized program where graduation coaches meet regularly with students to discuss academic services on campus, goal setting, career and major choices, getting involved on campus, time management, study skills and more.  Coaches will continue to be a resource to their students throughout the student’s time at OU.

The Sooner Guide

The Sooner Guide is the collective effort of many members throughout the University community. It is our hope that you will use this incredible resource as a guide to assist you in successfully navigating your way here at OU. The Sooner Guide was designed specifically to help students.


The student-driven initiative FINISH 15! encourages students to think about completing at least 15 hours a semester or 30 hours in an academic year (including intersession and summer school). By completing 15 hours a semester for eight semesters or 30 hours each year, a student can graduate in four years in a majority of OU degree programs. Taking just one class every summer allows many students to graduate one semester sooner than planned.

Graduation Ceremonies

Filled with pageantry, the Commencement ceremony is held in May to honor the summer, December and May graduates. Doctoral candidates are recognized individually, while master's and bachelor's candidates are recognized as a group.

Factbooks, posted by Institutional Research and Reporting,
contain retention and graduation rates (Section 2).

View Factbooks Here

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