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Finish 15!

Many students falsely believe that taking 12 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters is considered a "full academic load." While 12 credit hours is the minimum to be considered a full time student, most degree programs require 120 credit hours or more for graduation. To graduate in 4 years, this averages out to 15 credit hours each semester. Taking less than 15 hours per semester may require additional semesters and added time and expense. When enrolling for next semester, remember to Finish 15!

Watch the Finish 15! Video

Stay on Track - 15 Ways to Graduate a Sooner

15. Use the Sooner Guide to navigate OU and plan for success!

14. Join a Student Organization and engage in campus life.

13. Ask for help if you need it! Contact Compass Network.

12. Look into summer, winter and spring session options to help stay on track.

11. Learn to balance personal and academic endeavors. Set-up an appointment to work on time managment strategies with Compass Network

10. Track your progress toward graduation with Degree Navigator.

9. Know the details of your degree requirement sheet.

8. Use these resources to thoughtfully choose or affirm your major.

7. Take advantage of free tutoring.

6. Go to your professor's office hours. Find them on your syllabus that should be posted on

5. Make and appointment with the Center for Major and Career Exploration to see all of the possibilities that OU has to offer.

4. Study!

3. Go to Class!

2. Enroll in 15 hours or more each semester.

1. Consult your academic advisor to make a plan for graduation.