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Graduation and Commencement

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Graduation and Commencement

Graduating from the University of Oklahoma is a tremendous achievement! We look forward to celebrating your special day - whether you are a graduate or the family of a graduate.


Commencement and Convocations

Filled with pageantry, the Commencement ceremony is held in May to honor the summer, December and May graduates. Doctoral candidates are recognized individually, while master's and bachelor's candidates are recognized as a group.

At the College Convocations, candidates’ names will be announced, they will have their picture taken, and they will be presented with a diploma cover by their college dean. This is the time for candidates to celebrate with those in their college. Candidates should plan to attend both the Commencement and Convocation ceremonies.

For more information on both of these celebrations, visit

Steps to Graduation

1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your remaining course requirements and complete a final degree check.

2. Apply to graduate on

3. Check your email for the link to register for commencement and convocation.

4. Attend Graduation Gear-Up, to purchase your cap and gown, announcements and class ring.  

5. GRADUATE! Visit for more information.

After Graduation

Students who participate in their College Convocation ceremony will receive a diploma cover free of charge. If you are unable to attend your Convocation, you can still receive your diploma cover. Please e-mail the or call the Graduation Office at (405) 325-0841 for more information.

Diplomas are mailed approximately three months after graduation.

  • December Graduates
    • Undergraduate and Master's degree diplomas are mailed in late March to early April
    • PhD diplomas are mailed in late April to early May
  • May Graduates
    • Undergraduate and Master's degree diplomas are mailed in late July to early August
    • PhD diplomas are mailed in late August to early September
  • Summer Graduates
    • Undergraduate and Master's degree diplomas are mailed in late October to early November
    • PhD diplomas are mailed in late November to early December

If you need assistance with any of the following, please visit the Academic Records website for more information:

  • Ordering additional diplomas
  • Ordering a replacement diploma with a change of name
  • Ordering a replacement for a lost of destroyed diploma

Final Degree Verification
The final degree verification occurs after the grades for a semester are posted. When the degree candidate's transcript is complete and all requirements have been fulfilled, the college advising office sends a degree clearance to the Office of Academic Records. The Office of Academic Records then verifies that the student has paid all enrollment fees and tuition. Then and only then will the Office of Academic Records post the final degree(s) earned on the transcript, print a diploma, and list the student on the Official Graduation List.

Graduation Date
The official graduation date appearing on diplomas and transcripts is the last day of examinations in the Fall, the date of Commencement in the Spring, and the last day of classes in the Summer. This date appears on the student's permanent academic record.

While many students never bother to see their final official transcript, we recommend that you obtain a copy for your files. Official transcripts are released by the Office of Academic Records upon written request of the student, except when a student has a financial indebtedness to the University. Your final official transcript, with your degree posted, should be available approximately one month after your official graduation date.

Please visit the Academic Records website for more information.