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Sooner Success

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Sooner Success Program

The Sooner Success Program provides academic life coaching and advising to help students transition to college and stay on track toward graduation.

First-Year Expectations and Benefits

— Face to face interaction every three weeks

— Help facilitate a successful transition to OU

— Intentionally develop academic and social goals during each session

— Introduce campus academic resources and various study techniques

— Serve as an academic advisor

What previous students have said about having a Academic Life Coach

"My Academic Life Coach helped me stay on top of things. It's great having a non-judgmental person I can tell things to, and who can understand how things may be affecting me and my school work. It's also nice to have someone who can walk me through things like enrollment and campus activities. My coach made me feel welcomed and accepted here at OU."

"I feel like meeting with a Academic Life Coach has helped me tremendously. It helped open my eyes to resources I never knew existed. My coach helped me set goals, educated me on the best way to study for classes, and helped me manage my time appropriately. I cannot thank my Academic Life Coach enough."

"My Academic Life Coach helped keep me focused and develop my strengths. I truly believe I would be completely lost without my coach, they were incredibly helpful!"