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Faculty Resources

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Faculty Resources

English Training and Certification Services (ETCS)

English Training and Certification Services (formerly EAP) administers language proficiency tests leading to Certification of Proficiency in English for non-native English speakers who will hold instructional positions at the University of Oklahoma.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the governing body for all policies relating to graduate education on the Norman campus. The Graduate Council exercises the general legislative and academic authority of the graduate faculty, makes recommendations on all new proposed graduate programs, and establishes policies and standards for graduate curricula.

Graduate Faculty

Only persons holding an appointment to the Graduate Faculty may teach graduate-level classes and serve on or chair graduate committees. This page offers a description of Graduate Faculty status, a list of Graduate Faculty by name or department, the Graduate Faculty Charter and Graduate Faculty Forms.

Graduate Assistantship Forms

Authorization for Graduate Assistant Appointment Outside Student's Primary Graduate Department

This form should be completed by the non-academic hiring department and presented to the chair of the student's academic home department for approval before it is submitted to the Graduate College.

Signatures: Chair of student's home department.

English Proficiency Certification
Visit the English Training and Certification Services website for all forms and documents related to English proficiency requirements for non-native speakers of English who may hold a graduate teaching assistantship (GTA).
Graduate Assistant Final Semester Declaration
Graduate assistants who are eligible for reduced enrollment in their final semester may be considered eligible for a one-semester exemption from the FICA tax if they declare their final semester. This form may be completed one time only.Web
Graduate Assistant Handbook
The information from the Graduate Assistant Handbook is now included in the Graduate College Bulletin.Web/PDF
Graduate Research Assistant Offer Letter
Template for use by academic units offering a graduate research assistantship to a student.
Graduate Teaching Assistant Offer Letter
Template for use by academic units offering a graduate teaching assistantship to a student.
Health Plan Enrollment
Qualified graduate assistants may learn about student health insurance plans and enroll at the OU student Health Plan website.
Request to Appoint a Graduate Assistant Over 0.50 FTE

Learn about procedures to request a graduate assistant appointment greater than 0.50 FTE.

Signatures: Student and advisor/graduate liaison/chair of student's home department.


Liaison Links Newsletter

Past issues of the Liaison Links newsletter for graduate liaisons are available online.