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Tuition Waivers

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Graduate College Tuition Waivers

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistants who hold a 0.50 FTE total appointment and meet certain enrollment requirements are eligible for a tuition waiver and basic student health insurance.

To learn about the tuition waiver program for Qualified Graduate Assistants or graduate fellowship students, select the appropriate option below based on the term of admission to your current program.

If you are not sure when you were admitted to your current graduate program, please contact the Graduate College at or email your Graduate College academic counselor.

I was admitted or readmitted to my current graduate program:
Fall 2010 or later Before Fall 2010

Department Deadlines for Tuition Waiver Requests

Graduate College tuition waivers are awarded to Qualified Graduate Assistants.

Fall Semester: August 31
Spring Semester: January 15
Summer Session: May 31