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The University of Oklahoma Joe C. and Carole Kerr McClendon Honors College Providing a Supportive and Challenging Community for Intellectually Motivated Undergraduate Students, Professors, and Scholars
David Boren Hall
David Boren Hall

Frequently Asked Questions
about the Honors College

Q:  What is the deadline for applying to the Honors College?

A:   The Honors College does not have a deadline. However, it is recommended that first year students apply and be accepted by the time they come for fall enrollment.  That will allow the opportunity to enroll in an Honors class. 

Q:  What scholarships are available through the Honors College?

A:  The Honors College as a whole does not reward scholarships.  Its function is curriculum.  However, OU Scholars, which is a part of the Honors College, offers several merit scholarships to first time students. They also administer some retention scholarships based on merit. Contact OU Scholars for information on   scholarships at  405-325-2851.

Q:  Do I get to enroll early?

A:  Membership in the Honors College does not allow a student early enrollment.  While many students in the HC have that privilege it is the result of certain scholarships or other reasons the university deems appropriate.

Q:  What are the benefits of being in the Honors College?

A:  Graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a cum Laude designation is only possible by completing the Honors College curriculum requirements.  Students who wish to enter the job market or continue their education through graduate or professional schools find this designation beneficial.  Additionally, Honors classes are smaller in number and permit more interaction with faculty and peers.  Other benefits are detailed on the web page.

Q:  Will all my classes be in Honors?

A:   No, in fact we limit students to two Honors classes per semester.  Honors classes typically are reading and writing intensive and therefore can be time consuming.

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