Honors College


The following programs are available to apply for:

1) Adapting Socio-Ecological Systems to Increased Climate Variability (Urban Forest Ecology) - Heather McCarthy, Ph.D.

2) Applications of Mass Spectrometry to Single Cells Analysis and Biological Tissues Imaging - Zhibo Yang, Ph.D.

3) Associations between Work Performance and Interaction Patterns of Construction Workers - Somik Ghosh, Ph.D.

4) Biographers of Philosophers who Belong to Underrepresented Groups - Heather Demarest, Ph.D.

5) Computational Models for Folding VIral Genomes - Susan Shroeder, Ph.D.

6) Green Roof Experiment: Southern Great Plains Species Analysis for Vegetated Roofs and Biohabitat - Tom Woodfin, Ph.D.

6a) Woodfin - Supplemental Information.

7) Immaterial: A Philosophy of Contemporary Art - Sherri Irvin, Ph.D.

8) Inter-vehicle Communication for Increased Safety - Mohammed Atiquzzaman, Ph.D

9) Investigating the Business and History of the American Electric Utility Industry in the 1970s - Robert D. Lifset, Ph.D.

10) Investigation of Long-Term Drought in the Western United States - Michael Richman, Ph.D.

11) Is the Intensity of Rainfall Changing in Oklahoma? - Claude Duchon, Ph.D.

12) Investigation of the Benefit of Development and Installation of a 10-20MW Demand Response System on OU Campus to Working with the Variability of Wind Power. - John Jiang, Ph.D.

13) McMemory: Theatrical Adaptations of Post-Dictatorial Memory - Julie Ann Ward, Ph.D.

14) Miniaturized Control Circuit for Tunable Radio Frequency Filters - Hjalti Sigmarsson, Ph.D.

15) Monitoring Motor Development of Infants at Risk of Cerebral Palsy with Robotic Assitance through EEG - Lei Ding, Ph.D.

16) Popular Fiction and Theory of Mind - Jennifer Barnes, Ph.D.

17) The Shock of the Now: Media Science Fiction, Entertainment and Cultural Critique - Katrina Boyd, Ph.D.

18) The Spiders of Muskogee and Cherokee Counties, Oklahoma: Identification and New Species Records. - Katrina Menard, Ph.D.

19) Sulfur in Gasoline and DIesel: Computational Simulations to Solve the Problem - Bin Wang, Ph.D.

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