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Our Goals
The Honor Student Association will:
(1) Help students graduate cum laude and realize their academic potential.
•Provide students with the requirements to graduate with honors.
•Help students with the reading and research program.
•Help students find out about and join other honor and academic organizations.
•Be a source of information for scholarship opportunities.
•Direct students toward internship, mentor, and tutoring opportunities.

(2) Serve the academic community.
•Participate in service projects.
•Provide a forum for academic discussion.

(3) Participate in the governance of the Honors College.
•Maintain a close relationship with the Honors College faculty and staff.
•Facilitate communication between the Honors College and the honors class professors.
•Foster creation and awareness of honors courses.
•Assist in faculty hiring.

(4) Participate in the community of honors students.
•Participate in campus activities.
•Be active in the community of the Honors House.


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The University of Oklahoma Honors College, David L. Boren Hall, 1300 Asp, Norman, OK 73019 (405)325-5291  |  Updated May 14, 2009
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