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OU Honors College students, alumni, and faculty dedicated to utilizing their fullest intellectual talents and abilities often establish themselves as outliers. As innovators and pioneers these outstanding members of the OU Honors College community make meaningful contributions in small and big ways. Their stories inspire and challenge us to never stop learning and to apply what we have learned to positively impact the world.   

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Current Honors Student Profiles

Honors Student Profile: HSA President Anu Asokan

Current Distinguished Alumni Highlights

Challenging OU’s Best and Brightest! How the Honors College shaped the career path of one OKC public defender and one teacher in rural China.

Participating in the Model United Nations in high school was the closest Lester Asamoah came to an international experience. Now the College of International Studies and Honors College alumnus is on assignment with the U.S. Foreign Service in Mexico.

Current Honors Student Highlights

Honors Political Science student Alex Nongard Receives OU’s Carl Albert Award.

OU Honors College Mathematics student Matthew Peters Named Goldwater Scholar. The prestigious scholarships are awarded on the basis of potential and intent to pursue research careers in mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering.

Other Current News & Media Highlights

Dr. Doug Gaffin takes an in-depth look at how the unique structure of a bee’s eye helps her take in information and successfully navigate her world and how future technologies might use the same method.

The First Year Research Experience (FYRE), in partnership with the Deptartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry, offers an opportunity for first-year Honors students to participate in laboratory research each Spring.