Regents Scholars

Offered to Resident Students who are Institutional Nominees of the University of Oklahoma


A Regents Scholar – Institutional Nominee receives $12,000 resident tuition waiver for four years.  A $1,500 tuition waiver will be applied to the resident tuition each semester for eight semesters.  We will also waive up to $750 of summer school tuition. Each summer session for which we waive tuition will count as 1/2 of one semester of your 8 semester total. The tuition waiver may be applied only to tuition and cannot cover any other fees such as pre-enrollment service fees incurred in May or June, correspondence courses, activity, facility or health fees, housing, computer support, and/or meal charges.

A Regents Scholar is advised and enrolled through the OU Scholars Program during the freshman pre-enrollment period which occurs in May and June. Regent Scholars are also advised through the OU Scholars Program and enroll before all upper-class OU students during the freshman year enrollment periods.

A Regents Scholar may take OU Departmental Advanced Standing Examinations free of charge.


A Regents Scholar is entitled to expanded library privileges.

A Regents Scholar receives a cash scholarship through the National Scholars office.


A Regents Scholar must earn 24 hours in each academic year.

A Regents Scholar must participate in a 1 hour Scholars Orientation Workshop which takes place the weekend before classes begin.

A Regents Scholar must maintain a combined retention GPA of 2.80 for annual continuation of this award. The GPA is verified for the first time at the end of the spring semester of the freshman year and every semester thereafter.

As an Oklahoma Academic Scholar, you are required to meet a different set of criteria to maintain your cash scholarship. For additional information, please contact the National Scholars Program at (405) 325-1290.


Regents Scholars are eligible to apply to the Honors Curriculum which offers smaller, enhanced sections of courses for academically talented students.