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Special Programs

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Informal Reading Groups

Each semester, the Honors College sponsors a program of informal reading groups.  The groups meet just one hour per week, with 10-15 students and one faculty member from the Honors College, to discuss about 50 pages of reading from specific books. The books cover a very wide range of topics, and most have been recommended by Honors students.  To participate, the only commitment is that each student makes a good-faith effort to do the reading and come to the group meeting as often as possible, with the understanding there may be one or two weeks when students need to do other things.  This is a great chance to meet other Honors students with similar interests.  The goals of the program can be summarized as "maximum information and enjoyment, with zero stress."  

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Medical Humanities Scholars Program

The Medical Humanities Scholars Program is a highly selective, sequential BA-MD program that prepares 5-8 incoming high school seniors per year for a career in medicine through an enhanced pre-medical curriculum (MH Minor) that includes extensive coursework in history, literature, fine arts, philosophy, ethics, sociology, anthropology, economics, spirituality, and politics as they relate to health, disease, and the practice of medicine. MH Scholars are expected to develop proficiency in foreign spoken language. Students also engage in service learning and clinical experiences to develop an appreciation for the biopsychosocial dimensions of health and healing. Upon admission into the program, students receive provisional acceptance at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, contingent upon their GPA and MCAT scores.

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Medical Humanities Minor

Any Honors-eligible (3.4 GPA or higher) student at the University of Oklahoma may minor in the medical humanities by completing 18 credit hours of coursework focused on a specific area within the medical humanities (history of medicine; bioethics; medical anthropology; literature and medicine; cross-cultural perspectives on health and disease; etc.), on spoken foreign languages, and on non-western cultural traditions. The goal is for students to prepare for the health professions and the multi-cultural clinical context by gaining a broad vision of the social, cultural, historical, economic, political, ethical, and spiritual factors shaping health, disease, and the delivery of healthcare.

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OU Scholars Program

The OU Scholars Program at the McClendon Honors College is the largest source of academic scholarship funding for direct-from-high school freshmen entering the University of Oklahoma. Qualified applicants are awarded one of five levels of scholarship ranging from one year to four year awards based upon both a standardized test score (ACT or SAT) and high school performance (as measured by either the unweighted high school grade point average or high school class ranking) criterion.  Scholars receive the scholarship in the form of a resident or non-resident tuition waiver based upon the student's residency status. The program provides a unique combination of services to facilitate first-year Scholars’ successful transition into the OU community.  The academic advising of Scholars at the University of Oklahoma is conducted by a team of professional advisors during Scholars Enrollment as well as during the fall and spring semesters of the students’ freshman year.

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Presidential Teaching Fellows in Honors

Presidential Teaching Fellows in Honors are those faculty members who excel in all their professional activities and who relate those activities to the students they teach and mentor. OU faculty who have a demonstrated record as excellent teachers are selected to teach courses in the Honors College for a period of two years.

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