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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program - Do Productive and Exciting Research and the Honors College Helps you Pay for it!

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Winners

Student Name Project Title Funds Faculty Sponsor
Allison Taylor Death of a Mountain: Appalachian Artists' Responses to Mountaintop Removal $490.98 Julia Ehrhardt
Amanda Faris Diversity of Crab Spiders in Native and Non-native Flowering Plants $34.65 Elizabeth Bergey
Amanda Ward Purification and Crystallization of Mprl $500.00 Ann West
Amy Aiken Effects of Bacterial Products on Fibroblast Migration in Diabetic Conditions $250.00 Barbara Safiejko-Mroczka
Amy Allen Antibiotic Resistance in Soil Bacillus Species $499.00 Kathleen Duncan
Brandon Winfrey A Comparative Study of Waste Stabilization Ponds and Constructed Treatment Wetlands as Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Tech. $500.00 Keith Strevett
Brian Watson Flow Control of Circular Cylinder Using Ionic Wind $290.00 Feng C. Lai
Christopher Clark Blood Flow Through the Carotid Artery Bifurcation $480.00 Dimitrios Papavassiliou
Christopher Dearner Effects of Proficiency on Text Recall $107.00 Teresa Bell
Cody Thomas Memory of Chirality $496.16 Soloshonok Vadim A.
Daniel Harwell Effect of Nicotine on Human Gingival Fibroblast Proliferation in Vitro $400.00 Barbara Safiejko-Mroczka
Daniel Wasielewski Single-Particle Spectroscopy $497.75 Lloyd A. Bumm
Donovan Gentry What is the Right Way to be White? $475.00 Jane Park
Ellen Gilliland Determining the Suitability of the Geologic Setting for a Proposed Waste Processing Facility Using Ground-Penetrating Radar $423.25 Roger Young
Emily Day Synthesis and Characterizations of Flat Silver Nanoparticles $500.00 Lloyd A. Bumm
Eric Mai Nonlinear Function Approximation through Nevral Networks for Engineering Mechanics Applications $500.00 Jin-Song Pei
Fernando Alonso The Effects of Nornicotine on Gingival Wound Healing $400.00 Barbara Safiejko-Mroczka
Florence Deunk Distribution of Neurons Containing Argining Vasotocin in male and female sunfish $500.00 Rosemary Knapp
Holly Johanns Lithic Analysis of Feature 1 of Smith #2 (34Hp138) $215.01 Leland C. Bement
James Jones Functional Analysis of LRK-RLK Mutants in Arabilopsis Thaliana $500.00 Dr. Jai Li
Jeffrey McBride Butyric Acid and Butyrate: The Effects of Both the Protonated and Ionized Forms of a Short-Chain Fatty Acid on Human... $250.00 Barbara Safiejko-Mroczka
Jeffrey Woidke Optimization of Conductive & Optical Properties of CNT Thin Films $500.00 Daniel Resasco
Jennie Levi Nursing Missions - Oaxaca, Mexico $105.00 Jana Pressler
Joanna Johnson The Effects of an Insect Repellent and an Insecticide on Post-Mortem Interval and Faunal Succession $489.26 Heather R. Ketchum
Katherine Hunter Analysis of Faunal Material of Feature 1 of Smith #2 (34Hp138) $215.01 Leland C. Bement
Kenneth Pope Sensory Control of Hippocampal Neurogenesis $265.00 Donald Wilson
Lauren Henry Figure-Ground Separation in Olfaction $344.00 Donald Wilson
Lindsey Abbott Why Aren't Snails Covered in Algae? $218.00 Elizabeth Bergey
Mikki Gramoll Orchestral Audition Preparation $175.00 Karl Sievers
Nathaniel Kretchum History's Legacy? Anti-Japanese Sentiment in the Youth of China $493.00 E. Elena Songster
Parker Holman Early Infant Experience and Reproductive Behavior $387.09 Regina Sulllivan
Patrick O'Brien Control of Flow over and Airfoil Using Corona Discharge $290.00 Feng Lai
Robert Nicholas Calculation of Electron and Hole Energy Levels in Nanostructured Quantum Wires $488.84 Patrick McCann
Sarah Smith Comparison of Gill Ultrastructure in Four Species of Freshwater Clams $492.11 Caryn Vaughn
Scott Melson Effects of Cotinine on Motility, Migration, and Proliferation of HGF in vitro $250.00 Barbara Safiejko-Mroczka
Shannon Cuykendall Otaku $500.00 Mary Margaret Holt
Steven Rice Sorption of Petroleum to Humate during Soil Remediation $500.00 Mark Nanny
Tung Minh Tran Effects of Oxychlorine and Peroxy Compounds on Desulfovibrio Species $500.00 Ralph S. Tanner
Uchenna Odi Effect of Extended Surfactant Concentration on the Efficiency of Edible Oil Extraction $500.00 David Sabatini
William Berry Possible Mechanisms of Nicotine Action on Human Gingival Fibroblasts in Culture $250.00 Barbara Safiejko-Mroczka

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