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OU Housing and Food

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OU Residence Halls

Adams, Couch and Walker Centers

In Adams, Couch and Walker Center, residents have a suite-style room. In this style of room, students share a semi-private bathroom with their roommate and suitmates. Residents also share the responsibility of cleaning their own bathroom.

All rooms in Adams, Couch and Walker Center come equipped with the following furniture: two twin beds, two dressers, two desks and desk chairs, two wardrobes, two night stands and blinds on the window. All furniture in Adams, Couch and Walker Center is completely moveable.

Tower Floor Plan

Adams, Couch and Walker Center are:
4" to 6" polyfoam mattress: 36"x82" (twin XL for sheets!)
Window: 53"x59"
Desk: 41.5"x24"x55"
Closet: 42"x24"x76"
Dresser: 30"x21"x32.5"

Super Suites

Our Super Suites hold four students per suite and all four students share one bathroom.  The main difference between the Super Suite and the regular Tower suite is how the rooms are divided. In the Super Suite, a wall with an open doorway divides the two bedrooms, and the bathroom can only be accessed through one of the rooms. Our Tower suites have a solid wall dividing the two rooms, and the bathroom can be accessed through each room. By requesting a Super Suite, you can request up to three roommates; however, in a regular Tower suite, you can only request your roommate. Your suitemates will be automatically selected for you.

Super Suites are assigned on a first come, first served basis depending on your priority date. Your priority date is the completion date of your contract and enrollment commitment.  Super Suites are limited and not guaranteed. Super Suites are only located in Couch and Walker Centers

Cate Center and David L. Boren Hall

In the quads, residents have a community-style bathroom. This bathroom is at the end of the hallway and is shared by all the residents on the floor - approximately 10-16 students. The bathroom is cleaned daily by OU Housekeeping.

All rooms in Cate Center and David L. Boren Hall come equipped with two twin beds, two desks and desk chairs, two closets, one bureau and built-in bookshelves.


David L. Boren Hall Floor Plan

Rooms in David L. Boren Hall are:
4"/6" Polyfoam mattress: 36"x75" (twin sheets but XL twin will fit, too!)
Window: 24"x66", rooms typically have two
Desk: 23"x35"x29.5"
Closet: 85"x47"x31"
Closet also includes 5 drawers

Cate Floor Plan

Cate Center rooms are:
4" to 6" polyfoam mattress 36" x 75" (twin sheets but XL twin will fit, too!)
Window: 52"x114"
Desk: 23"x35"x29.5"
Closet: 67"x35.5"x26.5"

Headington Hall

Located on the corner of Lindsey and Jenkins, Headington Hall is our newest Residence Hall on campus. Headington Hall will houses a population of 380 students made up of student-athletes and non-athlete students.

Headington Hall offers four styles of units/rooms.

  • 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Single Occupancy
  • 4 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Single Occupancy
  • 2 Bedroom/1 Bathroom Single Occupancy
  • 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Double Occupancy

Each unit is furnished with full size beds, desks, desk chairs, wardrobes, bureaus, sectional couches, tv stands, microwaves, apartment size fridges, bar stools and cable tv. Each person will either have their own bathroom or share a bathroom with one person, depending on which type of unit you live in.

Headington Hall will have its own Dining Hall inside the building. Dining Service in Headington Hall will be different than the meal plans associated with the other housing areas.

If you are interested in living in Headington Hall, you should fill out a University Housing and Food Services contract located on this site. Select Headington Hall as your first choice. Housing assignments will be assigned on a first come first serve basis after special assignments have been made. First come basis will be determined by completion date of your Housing Contract and Enrollment Commitment date. Due to the size of Headington Hall, available space is very limited.

If you would like more information about Headington Hall, please click here. If you have any questions, you can also call our office at (405) 325-8403