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Dave Annis Letter

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A Letter From Dave Annis

Dear students and parents,

We have heard from many of you about concerns regarding mold and mildew in the residence halls (Couch, Walker, and Adams Towers). Let me first assure you that our top priority is our students’ safety and health. I want to share with you what we are hearing, what we have found, and what we are doing to resolve these concerns. Our goal is to be open and transparent about any issues.

Due to the amount of rain and humidity this season, some students are contacting the Housing & Food Services office about mold and mildew in their rooms. We encourage students to continue to report suspected mold and mildew. This has allowed us to stay abreast of the issues and to deploy housekeeping and maintenance teams to these rooms to inspect and clean the areas of concern. Our goal is a one-day response for these teams to address problem areas. While we have found some common surface mold and mildew, the majority of issues we have found have been linked to the air handling units and filters. When this is found our maintenance teams disassemble and clean each unit and replace the filter. It’s important that we continue to respond to concerns quickly.

Again, please continue to report any problems you are having to:
Work control - 325-4421

Thank you,
Dave Annis
Director, Housing and Food Services