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Mold Concern Update

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Mold Concern in Residence Halls Update

Housing and Food Services is aware of student and parent concerns regarding possible mold in the residence halls. To date, any reported workorders for mold have been remediated immediately. Two air quality tests were conducted which demonstrated typical types of mold compared to that which is naturally-occurring outdoors. However, because our priority is our students’ health and safety, we will be taking action to reduce these levels further where possible.

In an effort to combat the unusually wet and humid semester, Housing and Food Services has contracted Facilities Management’s team to begin their regularly-scheduled maintenance and cleaning of air filters and units within every room of the residence halls. These maintenance practices usually occur during breaks and summers in order to not disturb residents. However, with the heightened concern from residents, Housing and Food Services felt it necessary to take precautionary steps. This process takes several months to complete. Residents will be notified via OU email one week in advance of scheduled cleanings. Please make sure to follow the instructions included within the email. If issues arise before, or even after, rooms are addressed, please feel free to contact Debbie Wells (405) 325-1284 to prioritize those areas.

To assist in preventing the occurrence and prevalence of mold and mildew in the residence halls, please make sure not to block the air handlers or air vents on bathroom doors and allow for at least ten inches of clearance, keep room temperatures between 68-75 degrees, and clean bathrooms weekly.

OU students are our number one priority.

Due to the amount of rain and humidity this season, Housing and Food Services has heard from students and parents regarding mold and mildew in residence hall rooms. To learn more about how we're addressing this issue, read our director's letter to students and parents.