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Mold Concern Update

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Mold Concern in Residence Halls Update

A Letter From Brian Ellis

March 8, 2019

Dear OU Students and Parents,

Last semester, students and parents brought to our attention concerns about potential mold in certain residence halls. I want to provide you an update on the actions taken to address concerns including completion of cleaning and refurbishment of all fan coil units.  

In October 2018, we began cleaning the air units and bathroom air vents in every room to make sure they work efficiently and that each room has optimum air flow. Cleaning of the fan coil units and bathroom exhaust fans in Walker, Couch and Adams Residence Halls has been completed.

Over 2,200 fan coil units were deep cleaned using a local restoration contractor. Trilink Restoration Services undertook a 15-step process. Each fan coil unit was fully inspected before returning the system to service. While many units were dirty and clogged with debris and dust, Trilink has indicated less than one percent of the units had any indication of mold or mildew in the unit.   

Today, all units and bathroom exhaust fans have been cleaned and restored to optimal operating condition and every filter has been changed during this process. We appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our residents while we completed this important cleaning.

Our Facilities Management department will continue to schedule planned, regular cleanings of fan coil units in the future to ensure optimum air flow in each dorm room. With regular cleaning of other accessible areas of each dorm room by occupants, the enhanced air flow should alleviate future issues.

I encourage students to continue to turn in maintenance requests for any concerns and issues that they have. 


Brian Ellis

Director, Facilities Management