T Russell Hunter

I recently completed my HSCI Masters in the summer of 2009, defending the thesis, “Rethinking Asa Gray’s ‘Natural Selection not inconsistent with Natural Theology.’” Now I am busily at work transforming my thesis into a presentation for this year’s History of Science Society meeting and an article for publication. I am also currently working away at the construction and consumption of my General Exams reading lists. I have proposed the following four fields: Evolutionary Biology and Society (from Darwin to the Modern Synthesis); the Historical Relationship between Science and Religion; the History of Modern Medicine and Bioethics; and the “Victorian Mind” (19th century Intellectual History in Britain and America). Upon completing my Generals in the fall of 2010, I will return to my research on the influence of Asa Gray’s Theological Evolutionary thought among the inner circle of the first British and American “Darwinians.”
  1. The spread and development of “Darwinism” and its social, cultural, and religious entanglements.

  2. The history of evolutionary biology; Both the history of evolution (the scientific development) and its ongoing complex relationship with theological and teleological thought.

  1. TA for HSCI 3013: History of Science to the 17th century, with Dr. Peter Barker, Spring 2008

  2. TA for HSCI 2213: The Darwinian Revolution, with Dr. Piers Hale, Spring 2009

  1. “Asa Gray: A Design Theorist in Darwin’s Court?” Midwest Junto for the History of Science, April 5, 2008, University of Minnesota

  2. “Darwin and “Designed Evolution” in America 1859-1863”, Poster Presentation: Graduate Research Performance Day, April 5, 2009, Linda Hall Library

  3. “Rethinking Asa Gray’s ‘Natural Selection Not Inconsistent with Natural Theology’”, Midwest Junto for the History of Science, April 5, 2009, Linda Hall Library

  1. trussell@ou.edu