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I-CCEW Interns Spring 2018

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I-CCEW Interns

Our interns engage in high-impact projects and yield amazing results. They're also incredible leaders across the University. The Spring 2018 class of interns represents 14 OU Colleges and 30 different majors. They're members of the OU Honors College, Crimson Club, the Price College JCPenney Leadership Program, the Gallogly College of Engineering's Dean's Leadership Council, McNair Scholars, President's Leadership Class, and many other organizations across campus.

I-CCEW Class of Spring 2018

Intern Shruti Boter

Beulah Adigun, Tulsa Analyst

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Intern Lane Callaghan

Abigail Baukus, Product Designer

Chemical Engineering

Intern Daniela Cooper

Jordan Burdick, Consulting Associate

Finance and Music Composition

Intern Sean Eldridge

Rachel Davis, OKC Analyst


Intern Taylor Finley

Jordan D’Silva, Interdisciplinary Analyst


Intern Elizabeth Greer

Tyler Gatewood, Interdisciplinary Analyst

International Business and Economics

Intern Catherine Ha

Emma Greene, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Linguistics and Chinese

Intern Emily Ingram

Allecia Jones, Interdisciplinary Analyst

International Studies

Intern Qianny Lu

Ryleigh Navert, Consulting Associate

Accounting and Political Science

Intern Vesela Massaro

Collin Owen, Consulting Associate


Intern Amanda Maxwell

Marija Primorac, Interdisciplinary Analyst

International Business and Entrepreneurship & Venture Management

Intern Rahma Osman

William Ramataboe, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Management Information Systems/MSC. in MIT

Intern Soham Pandya

Orhan Roksa, Product Designer

Mechanical Engineering

Intern Haley Rader

Dan Sloat, OKC Analyst

JD/MBA and Entrepreneurship

Intern Betsy Waller

Jackson Spencer, Oil & Gas Analyst

Energy Management and Finance

Intern Douglas Yancy

Eunhee Tark, Interdisciplinary Analyst


Intern Douglas Yancy

Brittany Wheeler, Tulsa Analyst

Occupational Therapy

Intern Tami Alabi

Saurabh Agarwal, Oil & Gas Analysts

MS. Data Science and Analytics

Intern Lindsey Cox

Regan Bolding, OKC Analyst

Occupational Therapy

Intern Jarrett Ferguson

Christopher Carter, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Industrial Engineering

Intern Benjamin Frempah

Cody Degner, Software Developer

Computer Science

Intern Hannah Grillot

Michael Fedell, Software Developer

Chemical Engineering

Intern Calla Hamlin

Sheila Gerardo, Oil & Gas Analyst

Petroleum Engineering

Intern Grace Le

Jessica James, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Economics and Mathematics

Intern Jimmy Manyanga

Moises Martinez, Product Designer

Mechanical Engineering

Intern Sheperd Matsongoni

Christina Nguyen, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Economics and Management Information Systems

Intern Soham Pandya

Soham Pandya, Oil & Gas Analyst

Petroleum Engineering

Intern Qiang Pan

Samuel Quick, Consulting Associate


Intern Justin Potts

Mark Ray, OKC Analyst


Intern Timothy Sheridan

Tanner Satterthwaite, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Industrial Engineering

Intern Madison Witman

Jack Sparks, Interdisciplinary Analyst

Entrepreneurship and Finance 


Intern Ximeng Zu

Musa Sukati, Product Designer

Mechanical Engineering

Intern Ximeng Zu

Wenhua Wang, Software Developer


Intern Ximeng Zu

Lihua Zhao, Software Developer

Electrical and Computer Engineering

I-CCEW Team Leaders of Fall 2017

Intern Matt Allan

Robert Bellafiore, Interdisciplinary Analyst Team Leader

Economics and Philosophy

“Spending two semesters at I-CCEW has allowed me to grow in ways that I don’t think would be possible anywhere else at OU. My experiences have made me a better thinker, speaker, and teammate, and it’s an honor to be back to lead a team and pass along the lessons I’ve learned to new students."

Team Leader Benjamin Frempah

Benjamin Frempah, OKC Team Leader

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Team Leader Benjamin Frempah

Emily Ingram, Tulsa Team Leader

Occupational Therapy

"Through I-CCEW last semester I was able to work on a commercialization plan for a cutting edge medical device service provider. I gained knowledge about the health field as a whole as well as the business and economic aspects of patient care. I am an occupational therapy student and I plan to use these skills in my future practice and possibly open my own clinic. I am excited to lead a team this semester into another community health focused project and impact my local community."

Team Leader Benjamin Frempah

Morgan Nash, Interdisciplinary AnalystTeam Leader

Economics, Philosophy, Religious Studies

"I-CCEW offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional development through collaborative problem solving to OU’s most driven, hard working students. The projects afford interns the opportunity to have a real-world impact on innovation and entrepreneurship in a climate that is both fun and challenging. The high expectations I-CCEW sets for interns allowed me to grow into a more effective problem solver and a dedicated teammate. I am incredibly excited to return to I-CCEW as a Team Lead, and I hope to share my experience and knowledge with my team to help them achieve their personal and professional goals."

Team Leader Carly Norwood

Hayden Padgett, Oil & Gas Analyst Team Leader

Petroleum Engineering

"I-CCEW has been the greatest experience I have gained throughout college. Everything from my professional growth to my connections and career opportunities have sprung from this organization. I believe that the system embodied within I-CCEW can equip any student with the professional skills and leadership qualities necessary to be successful within any field in the future. I am excited to be a part of this new oil and gas program where we have the opportunity to apply the I-CCEW system to the oil and gas industry. As a team lead, I look forward to watching my team grow and being able to provide them with the same incredible experience that I have been given. "

Team Leader Krishna Manohar

Valerie Pham, Developer Team Leader

Computer Science

"The experience of interning with I-CCEW positively impacted my life significantly - from the personal growth undergone to the rising career opportunities that followed. I-CCEW has been such an important part of my life that since interning, I can't think of a single interview I've done where I don't mention I-CCEW! I am incredibly thankful for that opportunity and now aim to foster that same positive impact within the next class of OU's brightest students as a team lead. It is an invaluable experience where I won't only get to help brilliant individuals grow, but also continue to grow within myself."

Team Leader Krishna Manohar

Haley Rader, Interdisciplinary Analyst Team Leader


"I am excited to be a part of I-CCEW’s incredible atmosphere of engagement, productivity, and excellence for another semester. Being a Team Leader will provide me with the unique opportunity to lead and grow alongside bright and talented individuals."

Team Leader Carly Norwood

Timothy Sheridan, Consulting Associates Team Leader


"After working as part of the Oklahoma Funding Accelerator team last semester, I could not wait to return and lead a team of my own. This semester, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to lead and work alongside some of OU's brightest young professionals. I can't wait to see the impact our work will have on local businesses. "

Team Leader Carly Norwood

Steffani Silva, Product Design Team Leader

Industrial Engineering, International Studies

"I love working with I-CCEW because it is such an impactful organization, both for the interns involved and the client. Being a team leader allows me to help drive the innovative and collaborative environment that taught me so much while continuously honing my problem-solving leadership skills and learning more about the product development process. I am so excited to help my team learn and achieve their goals while making a real impact in the world! "