The Purpose and Mission of University of Oklahoma IDEA Club

  IDEA Club seeks to open up rational discourse and generate dialogue concerning the topic of biological origins. Our desire is to promote critical and academically responsible thought in this important area of study. The debate over biological origins is far more complex than most students and faculty have been led to believe. Many educators often claim that all serious debate concerning biological origins has ceased, and that no one really questions the viability of Darwin’s theory of evolution. In truth, a growing number of high standing intellectuals are questioning Darwin’s theory and a substantial body of scientific literature now exists which critiques evolution’s ability to explain and account for the complexity and apparent design of biological organisms. As a result, many scientists have begun to argue that the real reason organisms appear designed is because they actually are designed. The growing number of design theorists has resulted in a fascinating and spirited scientific controversy. We seek to draw attention to this engaging scientific debate.


We want to make very clear that our purpose is not to censor or ridicule the teaching of evolution here at the University of Oklahoma. On the contrary, we think more should be taught about evolution. We believe that there is a pervasive misrepresentation concerning “what science really knows” about biological origins. There are many anomalies and unanswered questions in evolutionary biology which we feel are hidden from the decisive gaze of college level-students. We believe there is much to be gained from a thorough understanding of evolutionary biology, but an adequate understanding of any scientific theory must contain both its strengths and weaknesses.

IDEA Club seeks to produce materials and bring in lecturers to address neglected topics not given adequate attention in university courses. In our doing this, we do not wish to create any derision or animosity. We simply desire to increase critical thought and intellectual discourse among students and educators here at OU. The topic of origins is of great importance and demands serious intellectual attention. However, due to the implications drawn during the creation/evolution debate, serious discussion can initiate controversy and debate which often creates roadblocks to the true sharing of knowledge. Nevertheless, we believe the student body and faculty of the University of Oklahoma are sufficiently mature and able to address this discussion with the care and responsibility it demands.

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