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Internal Lab Information

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Internal Lab Information

Password Required to Access Documents

Below are links to lab-specific items.  If you have trouble accessing these items, please see the Lab Manager.





Safety Documents

SRTC-Severe Weather Refuge Areas (pdf)

SRTC Emergency Response (pdf)

SRTC Emergency Evacuation Routes (pdf)

SRTC Emergency Assembly Areas (pdf)


Travel Information - Concur System

IMPORTANT:  Before preparing any travel request, email Missy to request the department number your travel expenses will be billed to.

OU-IEG travel guidelines (pdf)

This document is intended to help you understand what type of travel expenses the OU Travel card can be used for and the OU regulations that must be followed regarding each one.

Basic Concur Steps-All Forms of Travel (pdf)

This document contains a summary of the basic steps to follow to complete your travel requests and/or expense reports for In-State, US Domestic and International travel in the Concur travel system.

OU Travel-Contacts & Useful web sites (pdf)

This document contains a number of useful web sites that provide information regarding Concur, Concur Solutions Team contacts, per diem/lodging, foreign currency conversion, and OU’s detailed travel guidelines/regulations.

OU Concur Travel Training Guide (pdf)

This document was prepared by OU’s Financial Services department and has been sent out before, but I include it here again in case you need it. It contains more detailed instructions on how to complete travel requests, book travel, complete expense reports, trouble-shooting info, and other useful information.


Lab Inventories

Chemical Inventory (xls) (updated June 2017)

Freezer Inventory (xls)


Field Site Information

Information for accessing available data (pdf)


Equipment Operation

Gas Chromatograph Operation Notes (doc)


IEG R package (ieggr) updates

Version notes (pdf)

Link to package

GeoChip Outlier Removal Tool (doc) and Instructions for using this tool (doc)


Computer Related Information

Office 2010 Activation (pdf)

Windows7 Activation (pdf)

Office Professional Plus2010 64bit (zip)

HP LaserJet m553 printer setup for win7 64bit (pdf)

HP LaserJet m452dn printer setup

Install office 2010 professional plus 64bit (pdf)

Reinstall Windows7 enterprise (pdf)

Map network drive on win7 (pdf)