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The Tom Love Innovation Hub offers a variety of programs to inspire, train, mentor, support, and challenge. Explore below to learn more about what we offer.

201 Talks

Behind every great success is an even greater story. 201 Talks feature interactive discussions with innovators and spirited entrepreneurs as they share their journey and reveal the full breath and diversity of what could be possible. Previous speakers have ranged from the manager for Imagine Dragons to the CTO of Lockheed Martin ATL, from the founder of a major skincare enterprise to the CEO of a national speakers bureau, from an entrepreneur who raised his first $20M at the age of 20, to an artist transforming healthcare, and on and on.  

405 Startup Stories

405 Startup Stories are behind-the-scenes tours of successful Oklahoma startups in Norman and Oklahoma City. Attendees are offered the opportunity to not just hear a company's startup story, but experience how that story created jobs, launched products and impacted our local economy. 

Brain Teasers

The Tom Love Innovation Hub Code Lab offers weekly Brain Teasers around coding and logic. Each week check here to start working on the latest Brain Teaser for a chance to win prizes and have a chance to be one of our Brain Teaser Champions!

Create Challenges

At the Tom Love Innovation Hub, we're all about creating. Sometimes, we even challenge you to it. Our Create Challenges promote market-oriented creative thinking and problem solving, and often feature cool prizes and interesting judges. Challenges can range from physical (e.g. design a better kitchen knife holder), to virtual (e.g. use virtual reality to design a creature for a movie), to conceptual (e.g. improve the aesthetics and flow of the OU Food Pantry).  

How Do I?

Ever started a thought with "How do I...?" This series of instructional and hands-on talks feature experts covering everything you might want to know about turning ideas into a product or a business, but were never taught. We've hosted everything from how to pitch an idea or pursue crowdfunding to how to 3D print or build an iPhone app. If you've ever wondered "how", this series is for you.

Merging Realities

From remote caves in New Mexico with priceless Native American artifacts to flying through the human body, from the top of Mount Everest to a room where spiders crawl all over you, and you don't mind, our Merging Realities help you experience the world and applications made possible through virtual and augmented reality.  


Ever wondered how the Digital Fabrication Lab team always knows the answers to your fabricating questions? Every Thursday at 3PM, you can visit the Digital Fabrication Lab for tips about making the best use of our various tools and equipment. 

Teach Me

Our Teach Me series offers participants a chance to further develop their prototyping skills through multi-session workshops that leverage the different resources of the Tom Love Innovation Hub to create something amazing.   


Tom Love Innovation Hub Workshops introduce the process of creating something and attendees have the opportunity to bring their creations home! We've made everything from leather key chains to bluebird houses. Come to one of our workshops and see what you can create.