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Academic Integrity Links

SGA Student Council

The general counsel enforces SGA provisions. If you are charged with academic misconduct and wish to have a hearing, you can be represented by a member of the general counsel, all of whom are pre-law students.

SGA Student Council

Writing and Citing

Assignment Calculator

This tool can help students create a timeline for completing a variety of writing assignments. This was created in partnership with the Writing Center, the OU Libraries, and the Office of Academic Integrity Programs.

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The University of Oklahoma Writing Center (in Wagner Hall)

Visiting the writing center is very helpful when writing papers, and sometimes a requirement by professors. Staff will read your papers and help with content and citing sources. Students may also Submit Writing Online.

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The OWL at Purdue

This site covers all aspects of writing: thesis statements, citations, grammar, etc.

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Online citation tools

  • Calvin College's Knight Cite. Developed by a Calvin student.
  • Give OttoBib the ISBNs of the books you are referencing and the site will produce a bibliography in a variety of formats.
  • WebCite caches web pages (similar to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine) ensuring they can be accessed later, even if the original changed or was removed.

Other Academic Integrity Sites

International Center for Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Integrity Programs attends a yearly conference hosted by ICAI to learn better ways of promoting and encouraging academic integrity and to see what the honor councils of other schools are doing.

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Josephson Institute

The Josephson Institute's mission is "to improve the ethical quality of society by changing personal and organizational decision making and behavior."

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