*The Ninth Annual
SIG IS Cognitive Research Exchange Workshop

Sunday, December 12, 2010 (Pre-ICIS)
St. Louis, Missouri

Workshop Agenda



* AMCIS WORKSHOP: Structural Equation Modeling: Relevant Application




* 2010 IS-CoRE Organising Committee  *

Norman Johnson
Bauer College of Business
University of Houston

Robert F. Otondo
Dept. of Management & Information Systems
College of Business & Industry
Mississippi State University

Deb Armstrong
Florida State University
The College of Business
Management Information Systems

Alison Parkes
Dept. of Accounting and Business Information Systems
Faculty of Economics and Commerce
University of Melbourne

AIS Liaison for ISCoRE: Teresa Shaft, Michael F. Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma


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IS-CoRE is intended to represent and support researchers in information systems who view understanding human cognition as a critical component to the successful design and implementation of information systems.
Within this unifying theme, a range of diverse topics are of interest, including (but by no means limited to):

  • Situated, shared, social, distributed, and team cognition
  • Collaborative work
  • Group and individual decision support systems
  • Group and individual group problem-finding, problem-solving
  • Cognitive perspectives on human or computer-mediated knowledge-sharing
  • Cognitive perspectives on decision processes
  • Cognitive perspectives on knowledge management
  • Cognitive perspectives on the design or use of information systems
  • Cognitive processes of programmers/systems developers
  • Cognitive aspects of learning and innovation
  • Creativity and creative cognition
  • Design of user learning and training interventions
  • Human factors in information environments
  • Human-computer interaction or human factors perspectives involving cognition or perception
  • Research methods to investigate cognitive issues in IS
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