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Volume 1 (1934)

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Research Items

Gershenson, S. Effect of ether on gene changes.

Gershenson, S. A case of C1B reinversion.

Gershenson, S. Distribution of X-chromosome lethals.

Schultz, J. The manifestation of dominants in the triploid.

Sturtevant, A.H. and G.W. Beadle. Inversions in the X-chromosome of D. melanogaster.

Demerec, M. Breakage point in X-chromosome for Blond-translocation (T1-2).

Lebedeff, G.A. Intersexes of D. virilis.

News Items

Genetics Laboratory, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Stern, C. Apparatus.

Zeleny, C. Inbred Bar.