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Drosophila Information Service
Volume 11 (January 1939)

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Research Notes

Argelander, A. and E.H. Strasburger. A case of genetic disfunction of the ovaries.

Brasted, A. Multiple effect of “engrailed” in D. melanogaster.

Buzzati-Traverso, A. A sex-linked modifier of brown.

Buzzati-Traverso, A. Direct proportionality between X-ray dosage and translocations between the 2 and 3 chromosomes of D. melanogaster.

Crew, F.A.E. and R. Lamy. Mosaics.

Gershenson, S. Drosophila species near Kiev.

Gershenson, S. Investigation of genetical processes in wild populations of Drosophila.

Glancy, E.A. and R.B. Howland. Histology of developing bristles.

Goldschmidt, R. A note on so called mass mutation.

Green, M. Variations in the expression of vesiculated-29c.

Honor, E. Cytogenetic investigations on a complex dumpy.

Law, L.W. Radioactive phosphorous and the lethal mutation rate in Drosophila.

Ludwig, W. A Lamarckian experiment on Drosophila.

Ma, S.Y. Temperature experimentean Drosophila melanogaster, insbesonderezurBestimmung der sensiblenPerioden fur die InduktioneinigerArten von modifikationen.

Muller, W.A. Possible sex influence upon the expression of a dominant blister wing.

Neuhaus, N. Triploid stock in Drosophila simulans.

Pipkin, S.B. Expression of forked in the progeny of triploids.

Pogossianz, H.E. The gene scute in D. virilis.

Serebrovskaja, R.I. X-ray induced mutations in D. hydei.

Serebrovsky, A.S. Further study on scute allelomorphs.

Shapiro, N.I. The rate of spontaneous sterile mutation.

Sirotina, M.I. Cytology of D. busckii.

Steinberg, A.G. Facet number of Bar4.

Steinberg, A.G. The lobe alleles and the v+ hormone.

Timofeeff-Ressovsky, N.W. Determination of the “radius of activity” of Drosophila flies.

Timofeeff-Ressovsky, N.W., H. Boehm and G. Gottschewski. Studies of population-structure in Drosophila.

Tiniakoff, G.G. The “Bar” and “aristapedia” mutations in D. funebris.

Varshaver, N.B. Mutation rate of y, ac, sc, w, and sn in D. simulans.

Technical Notes

Clancy, C.W. Large scale egg collections.

DeMarinis, F. An apparatus for facilitating direct facet-counting.

Dempster, E.R. Shipping flies in cold storage.

Sidky, A.R. New spoon for egg counting, and method for seeding.

Slizynska, H. The method for obtaining any number of virgin females.