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Drosophila Information Service
Volume 12 (December 1939)

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Mohr, O.L. Nomenclature and symbols.

Research Notes

Argelander-Rose, A. Experiments with hemithorax.

Argelander-Rose, A. Fertility of ClB females.

Argelander-Rose, A. A case of high non-disjunction.

Bishop, M. Bar-263-48.

Boyd, M.M.M. and H. Spurway. Over 50% crossing-over between two loci in D. subobscura.

Braun, W. An exceptional case of factor dissociation in Drosophila melanogaster.

Brehme, K.S. The Minute condition as a possible effect of a hormone deficiency.

Brehme, K.S. Development of eye color in Minutes.

Bryson, V. Unspiraled testes in Drosophila melanogaster.

Eloff, G. Effects of ultraviolet radiation on crossing-over between y and w in Drosophila melanogaster.

Eloff, G. Mode of attachment of nucleolus to chromocenter in salivary gland nuclei of some Transvaal Drosophilids.

Poulson, D.F. Effects of Notch deficiencies.

Spurway, H. and P.A.R. Street. The sex-linkage of withered in Drosophila subobscura.

Sutton, E. Cytological analysis of In(1)A 99b.

Waletsky, E. Interaction of bifid with other wing mutants.

Waletsky, E. Manifold effects of Wrinkled.

Technical Notes

Blanc, R. Accurate timing of prepupae and pupae.

Brody, G. Making eggs visible on medium for egg collection.

Brody, G. The use of paper boxes for collecting eggs.

Groon, M. and E.M. Slider. A method for mounting the female reproductive organs of Drosophila.

Kodani, M. Modified smear method for salivary chromosome preparation.

McQuarrie, A. Raising the Larvae.

Palmer, L. A spoon for Drosophila egg collecting.

Quisonberry, J.H. and J.E. Greer. Conversion of refrigerator to Drosophila incubator.

Shipman, E.E. N-butyl technique for dehydrating Drosophila larvae.

Trent, S.C. Egg Collector.

New Items

Bussati-Traverso, A. The establishment of “Drosophila wild stock keeping center” in Pavia Italy.

Bussati-Traverso, A. Work on the population genetics of a Drosophila species belonging to the obscura group.

Bussati-Traverso, A. “ScientiaGenetica” – a new Genetics Journal for Latin countries.

Frolova, S. A correction.