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Volume 13 (June 1940)

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Research Notes

Ahmed, I.A. A new inversion in the third chromosome of D. pseudoobscura.

Alikhanian, S. The effect of deletion upon the manifestation of a gene altering wing shape.

Alikhanian, S. A dominant mutation with manifold manifestation.

Barigozzi, C. X-Inversion in a mottled strain, and Notch without deficiency.

Born, H.J. and K.G. Zimmer. The influence of incorporated salts of heavy metals on the frequency of X-ray induced mutations.

Buzzati-Traverso, A. A singed melanogaster male caught in nature.

Buzzati-Traverso, A.Some new Drosophila species belonging to the “obscura” group.

Buzzati-Traverso, A. A new species of Drosophila with variable number of egg-filaments.

Calloway, E. and H. Kalmus. Recovery time after ether naroosis by means of a physiological analysis in the species and races of Drosophila.

Chino, M. and S. Fujii. Correlation between the gonial chromosome of D. virilis americana with the linkage groups of D. virilis virilis.

Eloff, G. Cytology of South African species of D. busckii.

Grant, J. P. and G. Eloff. The effect of the sex-linked gene yw on chronological sex-ratios in D. melanogaster.

Hadorn. E. Maternal effect on lethality.

Hinton, T. cyD39K and the eyeless locus on the fourth chromosome. –(preliminary note).

Kikkawa, H. The v+-substance in the silkworm.

Lamy, R. and G. Pontecorvo. Attached X-chromosomes arising in the male.

Lüers, H. Experiments on the dependence of mutability upon body-size.

Nouhaus, M. On the incomplete dominance of normal allelomorphs in 3N females.

Oliver, C.P. Crossing over between a pair of alleles in D. melanogaster.

Pilkington, R.W. Notes on the development of some facet mutants.

Pilkington, R.W. The development of forked bristles.

Pontcorvo, G. Futher investigations on the scYLchromosome.

Pontcorvo, G. Non-disjunction of the autosomes.

Pontcorvo, G. Rate of egg-laying at low temperature.

Shimakura, K. The use of a non-fermentative yeast in Drosophila culture.

Singh, R.B. Prolongation of larval life in Drosophila melanogaster.

Singh, R.B. Yellow in scuto-8.

Stubbe, A. and M. Vogt. Comparison of the wild types of D. melanogaster, funebris, and pseudoobscura, as determined by transplantation of eye-alagen.

Stubbe, A. and M. Vogt. The homology of some eye color genes of D. funebris and D. melanogaster, determined by transplantation.

Timofëeff-Rossosky, N.W. and K.G. Zimmer. Production of mutations by radiations with very high spatial density of ionization.

Valadores, M. Cytological evidence of spontaneous somatic chromosome-rearrangements in D. melanogaster.

Varshaver, N. The effect of duplications of the left end of the X-chromosome on sex in males of D. simulans.

Waddington, C.H. Development of wings.

Waddington, C.H. Notes on development of eye and body colours.

Waddington, C.H. Determination of the pupal wing.

Wenstrup, E.J. Crossing-over in the yellow white region of the sex chromosome in D. melanogaster.

Technical Notes

Fink, H.K. To prevent flies sticking in medium.

Haskell, G.M.L. The use of chondrus to replace agar in food preparation.

Koller, P.C. Technique for staining mitotic chromosomes for Drosophila.

MacKnight, R.H. and H. Roman. A culture medium without agar.

Morgan, L.V. Method for reattaching food when loosened from the culture bottle.

Pilkington, R.W. Construction of injection needles.

Pilkington, R.W. Technique for the direct observation of live pupae.

Spencer, W.P. Shipping Drosophila.

Stalker, H.P. Substitutes for shell vials.

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