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Drosophila Information Service
Volume 3 (1935)

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Charles, D.R. Translocations

Muller, H.J. Nomenclature of allels

Research Notes

Dunn, L.C. Retardation effect of minutes.

Gershonson, S. Mechanism of chromosome conjugation.

Kikkawa, H. A dominant eye color mutation in D. virilis.

Lancefield, D.E. Linkage in pseudo-obscure.

Muller, H.J. Balancing chromosome 1 with scuteS1.

Plough, H.H. Crossing over in male D. melanogaster following heat.

Timoféef-Ressovsky, N.W. Experiments on intraspecific evolution in Drosophila.

Technical Notes

Hoover, Margaret. Transportation of Drosophila cultures.

Li, J.C. Isolation of larvae.

Muller, H.J. Fly Morgue.

Muller, H.J. Labelling of stock cultures.

Muller, H.J. Seeding with yeast.

Muller, H.J. Supplying vials with paper.

Offerman, C.A. and I.K. Schmidt. Culture media for Drosophila.

Shipman, E.E. Bottle for Drosophila culture.