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Volume 35 (July 1961)

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List of Contributions

Research Notes

Angus, D. Drosophila collection from the Territory of Papua-New Guinea.

Barbour, Evelyn and S. Zimmering. Preliminary analysis of a Y Chromosome from nature carrying a mutant allele of bobbed.

Bateman, Angus J. X-ray induced "crossing-over".

Beatty, R.A. and N.S. Sidhu. A note on the occurrence of bulbous testes ends in Crianlarich strain of D. melanogaster.

Brosseau, George E., Jr. The effect of M(2)S10 on the fertility of some compound XY chromosomes.

Burdette, W. S. Effect of penicillin on mutation rate following irradiation in different concentrations of oxygen.

Burdick, A.B. l(2)55i at Erie, Pennsylvania.

Carlson, E.A. and R. Sederoff. A selective scheme for recovering pseudoallelic recombinants, "conversion" phenomena, and reverse mutations.

Chandley, A.C. Mutations induced in presumed spermatocytes.

Chandley, A.C. Timing spermatogenesis in D. melanogaster with tritiated thymidine.

Divelbiss, J.E. A sterility factor affecting both males and females in D. melanogaster.

Doane, W.W. Persistence of fs(2)adp in the Kaduna population after four years.

Dorn, G.L. and A.B. Burdick. Recombination between Df(1)259-4 and various mutants of the miniature-dusky complex in D. melanogaster.

Ehrman, Lee. Mutant genes in the Transitional subspecies of D. paulistorum.

Faberge, A.C. and B.H. Judd. Chromosome breaks by alpha particles.

Fox, Allen S. and Eileen A. Sweeney. Chemical structure and time of appearance of the sex peptide of males in D. melanogaster.

Frost, J.N. Double fertilization mosaics.

Frost, J.N. Two mosaics of unusual origin.

Frye, Sara. Evidence that achaete may not be to the right of yellow.

Frye, Sara. Frequency of "transmissible mutation" at the w and f locus in the scute-8 chromosome in relation to X-ray dose in Drosophila.

 Frye, Sara. Persistence of qualitatively diverse "yellow" mutants in scute-8 chromosomes in the absence of selection for one year.

Frye, Sara H. Spontaneous "yellows" as gross rearrangements in Drosophila.

Fuscaldo, Kathryn E. and Allen S. Fox. Immunogenetic studies of white-variegated position effects.

Ghini, Clara. Effects of nebularine and EOC (8-etoxy caffine) on selection response for sternopleural hairs in D. melanogaster.

Grell, R.F. The penetrance of sparkling-Cataract.

Hildreth,P.E. and J.C. Lucchesi. Fertilization in D. melanogaster and D. virilis.

Hochman, B. On the viability of the brown-Variegated1/brown-Variegated57e heterozygote.

Hunter, Alice S. and Sara Newball. Drosophila of Old Providence Island.

Imaizumi, T. XXY strain derived from the wild Miyazu stock of D. melanogaster and its lethality.

Ives, P.T. More data from ras2/ras4 and y/y2 recombination tests.

Jacobs, M.E. Influence of ebony and + alleles on oxygen consumption and egg production in D. melanogaster.

Kato, M. Influences of essential fatty acids on the growth and egg productivity of D. melanogaster.

Khishin, Aziz F. Induction of mutations in D. melanogaster by "immersion" in solutions.

Mead, Charles G., and Allen S. Fox. The characterization of the deoxyribonucleic acids of D. melanogaster.

Meyer, Helen U. and Michael L. Criswell. Crossover analysis of sex-linked mutations induced in oogonial cells by repeated treatments with 4000r of X-ray.

Meyer, Helen U. and Evelyn R. Meyer. Sperm utilization from successive copulations in females of D. melanogaster.

Novitski, E. Post-treatment of irradiated sperm by low temperature.

Parker, D. An apparent incompatibility among seemingly normal members of the species D. simulans.

Roberts, Paul A. Bristle differentiation in genetic mosaics of D. melanogaster.

Sandler, L. and C.W. Cotterman. A possible interpretation of the conversion of X. chromosome by SD.

Sederoff, R. and E.A. Carlson. The relation between allelic phenotype and allelic localization within the dumpy region.

Seto, F. The relative constancy of phase specific action of recessive lethal factors in D. me1anogaster.

Spiess, E.B. and R.B. Helling. Linkage of chromosome II 1etha1s in D. me1anogaster.

Stern, C. and E. Sherwood. A search for maternally influenced sex-ratio in D. me1anogaster.

Strangio, V.A. Radiosensitivity to certain breakage aberrations during spermatogenesis in D. melanogaster.

Tates, A.D. and F.H. Sobels. The genetic effects of post-radiation treatment with cyanide in pupal spermatids.

Terzaghi, Eric and E. Novitski. An attempt to produce fertile "transformed" males.

Tokunaga, Chiyoko. Notes on the sex chromosome constitution of oogonial cells in gynanders.

Wolff, M. and A. Coughlin. Tests for meiotic drive in interspecific hybrids.

Wurg1er, Friedrich E. Modification of X-ray induced embryonic mortality by different anoxia conditions before and during irradiation of unc1eaved D. me1anogaster eggs.

Zimmering, S. and H.J. Muller. Studies on the action of the dominant female-lethal F1 and of a seemingly less extreme allele, F1S.


Technique Notes

Browning, Luo1in S. and Edgar Altenburg. Weighting of dehydrated Drosophila as a counting method.

Mickey, G.H. Nigrosine as an aid for staining brain and salivary gland chromosomes.

Moyer, S.E., R.E. Comstock, and L.H. Baker. Efficient procedures for culturing Drosophila in disposable paper containers.