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Drosophila Information Service
Volume 4 (September 1935)

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Research Notes

Coyne, J. Crossing-Over within a closely, linked group of genes near locus 40.4 of chromosome 3.

Dunn, L.C. Effects of Minutes on development rate and on eye size of mutants.

Gershenson, S. Possible role of the genetically-inert region of X-chromosome in equational divisions.

Gottschewski, G. Eine deficincy ohne einin genetisch bzw.

Hoover, M.E. Salivary limits of delta-49 inversion.

Karp, L.L. The distribution of mutant genes affecting the number of sternital bristles in chromosome 3 of D. melanogaster.

Kaufmann, B.P. Drosophila ananassae (D. caribbea).

Kerkis J. Sex-linked vestigial-like mutant in D. simulans.

Kikkawa, H. Systematics of Drosophila.

Parker, D.R. Locus of wy2 (formerly cxb).

Stark, M.B. Varieties of tumors.

Stone, W. Allelomorphic phenomena.

Timoféeff-Ressovsky, N.W. Induction of mutations by alpha-particles in D. melanogaster.

Technical Notes

Beadle, G.W. Collection of eggs.

Christie, A.L.M. Culture conditions for D. subobscura.

Parker, D.R. Method of carrying stocks.

Parker, D.R. Moldex-A as a mold inhibitor.

Schweitzer, M.D. Collecting eggs.

Schweitzer M.D. Handling eggs and larvae.