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Volume 43 (February 1968)

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Research Notes

Anders, F., A. Altmier, A. Anders and R. Prüssing. Investigations about the bar and antibar- effects.

Anderson, Wyatt, W. Elimination of the sex-ratio X chromosome in experimental populations of Drosophila pseudoobscura.

Aubele, A.M. Morphological nature of the "palp-like" structure in erupt mutants.

Band, H.T. Persistence of increased developmental homeostasis in a natural population of Drosophila melanogaster.

Barker, J.S.F. and M.C. Carrick. Effects of benzyl benzoate on components of fitness in Drosophila.

Berendes, H.D. Electron microscopical mapping of giant chromosomes.

Berendes, H.D. The effect of ecdysone analogues on the puffing pattern of D. hydei.

Bowman, J.T. X-ray-induced somatic reversion of the wimutant of D. melanogaster.

Burdette, W.J. and J.S. Yoon. Results of treatment with two strains of Rous-sarcoma virus.

Burnet, B. The effect of culture medium on the composition of the free amino acid pool of Drosophila larvae.

Burnet, B., K.J. Connolly and J.E. Beck. Restoration of visual acuity in an eye color mutant strain by environmental means.

Carrick, M.C. and J.S.F. Barker. Marking of Drosophila eggs by feeding dyes to larvae and adult females.

Carver, J.E. Ecological-genetic study of South Amherst Drosophila populations.

Charlesworth, B. and R.W. Davies. Secondary non-disjunction in FM6 stocks.

Clancy, C.W. CORRECTION of note in DIS 42: 57.

Chen, P.S. and H. Weideli. Free ninhydrin-positive components and proteins in the hemolymph of Drosophila larvae infected by Pseudeucoilabochei Weld.

Cohn, R.H. and E.H. Brown. The formation of alpha (proteoid) yolk spheres in the oocyte of D. melanogaster.

Colainne, J.J. and A.E. Bell. The effect of the doublesex (dsx) mutant on the action of daughterless (da) in D. melanogaster.

Colot, H., W.J. Perreault and H. Gay. The nucleotide composition of the DNA-associated RNA of Drosophila melanogaster larvae.

Courtright, J.B. Alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH) and octanol dehydrogenases (ODH) inD. melanogaster: Imunochemical differences.

Chovnick, A. Generation of a series of Y chromosomes carrying the v+ region of the X.

Chovnick, A. A ma-l2 marked Y chromosome.

David, J. and J. Merle. A reevaluation of the duration of egg chamber stages in oogenesisof Drosophila melanogaster.

DeMarinis, F. and F. Sheibley. The effects of glutaramic acid and glutaramide on theeye size of Bar series.

Denell, R.E. and B.H. Judd. Segregation distortion in D. melanogaster; The location of stabilizer of SD.

Doane, W.W. Observations relating to duplications in the Amylase region of D.melanogaster.

Doane, W.W. The Amylase locus in Drosophila hydei.

Douglas, W.L. Substrate specificity of octanol dehydrogenase and alcohol dehydrogenase in different species of Drosophila.

Fahrig, R. and F. Anders. The influence of glutamic acid upon the nucleic acid content of Drosophila melanogaster.

Farnsworth, M.W. Effect of prolonged CO2 exposure on flight.

Félix, R., V. Salceda and R. Villalobos-Pietrini. Induction of recessive lethals by x-rays in sex chromosomes during successive stages of spermatogenesis in the wildtype of Mexico City Drosophila melanogaster.

Félix, R., V. Salceda and R. Villalobos-Pietrini. Determination of the frequency of spontaneous recessive lethals in the sex chromosome of the Drosophila wildtype from Mexico City.

Frankel, A.W.K. Exchange between Y chromosomes.

Frye, S.H. Pilot experiments involving X-ray induced mutant phenotypes (dumpy andyellow) in Scute-19i chromosomes of mature sperm in Drosophila m.

Gartner, L.P. and B.P. Sonnenblick. Drosophila husbandry and extension of lifespan mean and lifespan range.

Gersh, E.S. Chromatid asynapsis in salivary gland nuclei.

Grossfield, J. Density dependent mating in D. rufa.

Hanks, G.D. RD(recovery disrupter) activity associated with various wild type X chromosomes.

Hanks, G.D. Rate of recovery of products from nondisjunction of the 4th chromosome in RD strain males.

Hanks, G.D. and S. Kimberling. Rate of recovery of nullo-XY sperm from males carrying the sc8Y with and without RD autosomal background.

Heed, W.B. and J.S. Russell. Inability of D.pachea to breed in cereus cacti other than Senita.

Heed, W.B., J.S. Russell and B.L. Ward. Host specificity of cactiphilic Drosophila in the Sonoran Desert.

Hihara, F. and H. Kurokawa. Relationship between D. funebris and D. multispina.

Hijikuro, S. On the binding state of beta-alanine in the pupal sheaths of D. melanogaster.

Hinton, Claude W. Meiosis in Drosophila ananassae males.

Hiraizumi, Y. and D.L. Hartl. Evidence for normal chromosome disjunction in segregation distorter males.

Hirosé, Y. and S. Kaji. 3H-acetamide incorporation into eye discs of Bar strain.

Holm, D.G. Construction of a dor+Yy+ chromosome.

Hotchkiss, S.K. and J.K. Lim. Mutagenic Specificity of Ethyl Methanesulfonate affected by treatment method.

Hunter, A.S. Mating preferences of iso-female lines of D. mesophragmatica.

Jenkins, J.B. and J.R. Simmons. The effect of 5 fluorouracil on D. melanogaster.

Johnsen, R.C. An X∙YSYL chromosome.

Kaji, S. and Y. Hirosé. Effect of nitromin and acid amides to the facet-formation of compound eye.

Kakpakov, V.T. and V.A. Gvosdev. Maintenance of diploid embryonic cells of Drosophila melanogaster in vitro.

Kalicki, H.G. and T.J. Trzaski. RNA synthesis in the Drosophila ring gland duringpupal development.

Kaneko, A., E. Mooma, T. Tokumitsu and T. Shima. Frequencies of abundance of the quinaria species group in Hokkaido and Aomori Prefecture.

Kang, Y.S. and K.W. Moon. Drosophilid fauna in the vicinity of the demilitarizedzone in Korea.

Karlik, A. Missing recombination in the X-chromosome of D. ambigua between two non-allelicmutant genes determning the eye-color.

Khan, A.H. The mutagenic effect of Nitrosoguanidine in Drosophila.

Khishin, A.F. and M.M. Zawahri. The effect of yeast concentration on the X-ray induced lethal mutations in D. melanogaster.

Kikkawa, H. Induction of a parathion-susceptible gene from its resistance allele inD. melanogaster.

King, R.C. Wide spread occurrence of a symbiont in Drosophila.

Klingele, Sr. D. Recombinational analyses of the lzD and lz61f alleles.

Komma, D.J. and G. Carmody. Interspecific variation in a "sex peptide" in Drosophila.

Lee, T.J. On the polymorphism of color pattern in Scaptomyzapallida in natural populations of Korea.

Lefevre, G. Mutant phenotypes immediately to the left of w.

Lefevre, G. Tests for deficiencies in the vicinity of the w locus.

Lifschytz, E. and R. Falk. A new system for fine structure analysis of genes in Drosophila.

Lifschytz, E. and R. Falk. A system for fine structure analysis of chromosome segments.

Mange, A.P. and A.R. Alexander. Fecundity of virgin versus non-virgin D. melanogastermales given varying numbers of females.

Maroni, G.P. Mutations induced at specific loci in motile sperm.

Marzluf, G. and E. Mayer. Aldolase of Drosophila melanogaster.

Masterson, J. A method for procuring certain X-Y duplications.

Mather, W.B. Chromosomal polymorphism in two marginal populations of D. rubida.

Mather, W.B. Chromosomal polymorphism data in D. rubida from northeastern New Guinea.

Mather, W.B. The genus Drosophila in Sabah.

Mazar Barnett, B. Preliminary genetic tests with dimethyl sulphoxide.

Merriam, J.R. Control of chromosome pairing and the directed segregation of sex chromosomes in XYY males.

Mglinetz, V.A. Elimination of radiation induced chromosome aberration in experimentalpopulations of Drosophila melanogaster.

Minamori, S. A killing agent found in a natural population of D. melanogaster.

Mittler, S. and D.D. Grube. Beta rays and chromosome loss.

Momma, E. Domestic Drosophila in Hawaii.

Moree, R. Selection for and against heterozygous lethal in some American populations of D. melanogaster.

Moriwaki, D. and Y.N. Tobari. Unusual segregation of the four phenotypes in the dihybrid F2 generation caused by male crossing over in D. ananassae.

Munoz, E.R. and B.M. Barnett. Lack of mutagenic effect of Gamma irradiated fructose solution.

MacIntyre, R. Hybridization of subunits of Acid phosphatase-1 from D. melanogasterand D. virilis.

McCrady, W.B. Injection of concentrated extract from delayed recoveryD. melanogaster.

Nash, D. and E. Woloshyn. Instability of enhancer of hairless.

Neeley, J.C. The interchromosomal effect of triploids upon crossing-over.

Ogonji, G.O. A comparison of octanol dehydrogenase isozyme patterns of D. neomorpha,D. simulans, and D. metzii.

Okada, T. Homology in the components of the phallic organs of Leucophenga andMicrodrosophila.

Parker, D.R. On the sequence of elements in compound-XY #129-16 and in some of its derivative marked Y chromosomes.

Parsons, P.A. A lack of positive correlation between adult density and ovipositionrate in D. melanogaster.

Perreault, W.J., B.P. Kaufmann and H. Gay. A DNA-associated RNA in D. melanogaster adult.

Pipkin, S.B. Allelic and non-allelic complementation in Drosophila metzii.

Puro, J. and P. Arajärvi. Localization of cp, in, and ri by means of T(2;3)spy.

Ramel, C. and J. Valentin. The interchromosomal effect of In(2L)Cy and In(2R)Cy on primary nondisjunction.

Rinehart, R.R. and F.J. Ratty. Further evidence that exchange occurs between chromatids in X-Y detachments.

Schalet, A. Evidence for a different function associated with the locus of suppressor of forked.

Schalet, A. and V. Finnerty. The arrangement of genes in the proximal region of the X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster.

Scharloo, W. Polymorphism by disruptive selection.

Scharloo, W., K.A. Schuitema, J.G. Wijnstra and A. Zweep. Selection on temperature sensitivity of the expression of a cubitus interruptus mutant.

Schouten, S.C.M. and E.J. Tuinstra. The influence of live yeast on the incorporation of 3H-Uridine in the testes of Drosophila melanogaster.

Schwinck, I. Phenogenetic studies on control of drosopterin synthesis.

Seegmiller, R.E. and G.D. Hanks. Mating success of vestigial males.

Sharma, R.P. and M.S. Swaminathan. Induced crossing over in Drosophila males by Ethylmethanesulphonate.

Shiomi, T. The mutagenic effectiveness of 14.1 Mev neutrons in post-meiotic germ cells ofD. melanogaster.

Sperlich, D. Data on the genetic load in D. subobscura.

Spiess, L.D. and E.B. Spiess. Mating frequency and conditions of yeast and water in culture of D. persimilis.

Šrám, R. and M. Ondřej. Mutagenic activity of some drugs and pesticides.

Staub, M. Larval stages dispensible for the development of giant chromosomes.

Taylor, W.C. Somatic crossing over in sc4Lsc8R heterozygotes.

Tedeschi, M.V. and L.E. de Magalhães. Analysis on the recombination between chromosomesbearing lethal genes in D. melanogaster.

Thompson, Jr., J.N. Recessive mutants in a wild Drosophila melanogaster population.

Tokunaga, C. A test for functional allelism between Multiple sex comb (Msc) and the mutants Polycomb (Pc) and Extra-sexcomb (Scx).

Tupitsina, E.M. On the influence of homologous and heterologous inversions on the frequency of somatic crossing-over.

Valencia, R.M. A cytological study of recessive lethals.

Valencia, R.M. X; autosome and Y; autosome translocations.

Valencia, R.M. Translocation between SM1 and Ubx130.

Van Delden, W. Kurtosis as an indication of fitness.

Weisbrot, D.R. and H. Gross. Strain-specific aggregation of adults of competing strains of D. melanogaster.

Williamson, J.H. Identification of Y fragments with two doses of y+ or BS.

Williamson, J.H. and D.R. Parker. Recovery of multiple-break rearrangements from irradiated oocytes.

Yoshikawa, I. and T. Shiomi. Effects of X-rays on polygenes controlling the sternopleural bristle number in D. melanogaster.

Technical Notes

Ayala, F.J. An inexpensive and versatile population cage.

Boyd, J.B. Mass preparation of salivary glands from prepupae of D. hydei.

Cooper, K.W. Freeing Drosophila of mold.

Corwin, H.O. and P.D. DeMarco. Technique for feeding chemical mutagens to adult Drosophila.

David, J. and M.F. Clavel. A new method for measuring egg production without disturbing the flies.

Felix, E.R. and R. Rodriguez. A microinjection technique for Drosophila.

Frankel, A.W. and G.E. Brosseau, Jr. A Drosophila medium that does not require dried yeast.

Fristrom, J.W. and W. Heinze. The preparative isolation of imaginal discs.

Gonzalez, F.W. and S. Abrahamson. Acti-dione, A yeast inhibitor facilitating egg counts.

Gottlieb, F.J. and B. Langer. A device for holding alcohol preserved specimens during microscopic examination.

Grossfield, J. Dental rolls for pupation sites.

Gvosdev, V.A. and V.T. Kakpakov. The medium for cell culture of D. melanogaster in vitro.

Hanks, G.D., A.L. King and A. Arp. Control of a gram negative bacterium in Drosophila cultures.

Johnson, W.W. An improved Drosophila population cage.

Kaplan, M.L. A simple method for collecting and surface-sterilizing eggs from D. melanogaster.

Keith, A.D. and H. Goldin. A method for rearing Drosophilaaxenicaly.

Kircher, H.W., K.G. Goodnight and R.W. Jensen. A medium for Drosophilathat are difficult to rear in the laboratory.

Kirschbaum, W.F. and B.M. de Rey. Drosophila egg treatment chamber.

Lewis, E.B. and F. Bacher. Method of feeding ethyl methane sulfonate (EMS) to Drosophila males.

Milkman, R.D. and N. Feder. A water-soluble permanent mounting medium for salivary chromosomes.

Mittler, S. A rapid method for removing and discarding adult Drosophila.

Richardson, R.H. A safety interlock for the Heath IP-17 power supply.

Richardson, R.H. A safety interlock modification for the Heath IP-32 power supply.

Richardson, R.H. and M.P. Kambysellis. A cactus-supplemented banana food for cultures of Repleta group Drosophila.

Schmidt, P. and H. Traut. A method facilitating the counting of Drosophila eggs in experiments on dominant lethals.

Schouten, S.C.M. Storing standard medium in bottles for a longer period.

Strömnaes, O. Insecticides.

Thompson, C.F .Jr. A method for collecting accurately timed larvae.

Thompson, C.F. Jr. A method for obtaining large numbers of accurately timed pupae.

Turoczi, L.J. A motorized brush for small cleaning needs.

Wind, H. Some practical improvements for handling etherized Drosophila flies.

Wind, H. Device for isolating part of flies out of a culture without disturbing the rest of the population.

Wind, H. and H. Mertens. A device to clean culture tubes.

Zimmerman, W.F. A technique for mass rearing and collection of Drosophila pupae and adults.