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Volume 44 (March 1969)

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Research Notes

Abrahamson, S., W.C. Kiriazis and E.H. Sabol. A storage effect of ethyl methane sulfonate(EMS) on the induction of translocations in Drosophila sperm.

Alexandrov, I.B. Gamma-irradiation-induced mutations at specific loci in post-meiotic germ cells of D. melanogaster.

Alexandrov, I.B. Comparative mutability of wild-type alleles at the specific loci in D. melanogaster.

Arajärvi, P. and A. Hannah-Alava. Cytogenetic mapping of in and ri.

Ashburner, H. Puff loci in the salivary gland chromosomes of D. melanogaster.

Atlan, H., J. Miquel and B. Jennings. Life-shortening effects of ultraviolet radiationon Drosophila melanogaster imagoes.

Ayala, F.J. and M. Ayala. Oviposition preferences in D. melanogaster.

Baimai, V. Karyotype variation in D. montium.

Barigozzi, C., H. Fraccaro, C. Halfer and L. Tiepolo. DNA-replication of eu– andheterochromatin translocation of Drosophila melanogaster.

Barnett, B.M. and E.R. Muioz. Mutation test with glyoxal in Drosophila melanogaster Males.

Bocquet, Ch. and L. Tsacas. Tests of interspecific crosses between different stocksof Drosophila simulans and Drosophila melanogaster.

Bos, M. The effects of disruptive and stabilizing selection on body size in Drosophila melanogaster.

Burr, M.J. and A.S. Hunter. Glutamate-aspartate transaminase activity of D. melanogaster.

Carlson, J.H., C.F. Kyselka and J. Emma. Results of attempts to phenocopy L2 interruptionin Drosophila melanogaster by means of heat shocks.

Chadov, B.F. Preliminary data on 2 chromosome aneuploidy in XXY females of D. melanogaster.

Chen, P.S. and P. Baumann. Protein synthesis during aging of D. melanogaster.

Childress, D. Crossing over in a homozygous BS translocation.

Cohen, A., E. Shamay and E. Goldschmidt. Effect of induced recombination on homozygous viability.

Counce, S.J. Patterns of damage in deep orange (dor) embryos.

DeMarinis, F. The action of methylurea on forked (f) bristles and other bristle mutants.

Dolfini, S. Some comparative data on embryonic cells of D. melanogaster cultured in vitro.

Dyer, K.F. Crossing over adjacent to the centromere on the second chromosome.

Ehrman, L. Double matings and infectious hybrid sterility in D. paulistorum.

Félix, R. and J. Ramirez. A procedure for analyzing interspecific differences in the reduction of the life span of Drosophila species exposed as young adults to irradiation.

Félix, R. and R. Rodríquez. Effect of actinomycin D on the number of offspring produced by D. melanogaster females.

Garcia-Bellido, A. and J.R. Merriam. A preliminary morphogenetic map of the wing disc.

Ginter, E.K. and B.A. Kusin. Growth of the imaginal discs of Drosophila in the adult host.

Gonzáles-Duarte, H. and A. Prevosti. Polymorphic system controlling esterase-5 in D. subobscura.

Gooch, J.L. Rapid microevolutionary changes in sternopleural bristle count in D. melanogaster.

Hadorn, E. and G. Schubiger. An invasive neoplasm from embryonic cells of D. melanogaster.

Hadorn, E. and R. Hürlimann. Differentiation of Drosophila blastemas "without larval life".

Hannah-Alava, A. Locatization of Pc and Scx.

Holm, D.G., M. Baldwin, P. Duck and A. Chovnick. The use of compound autosomes to determine the relative centromeric position of chromosome three.

Kang, Y.S., C.C. Lee and K.W. Moon. On the fecundity and fertility of D. melanogasterirradiated at third instar larval stage.

Kang, Y.S. and K.W. Moon. Further notes of drosophilid fauna in the vicinity of the demilitarized zone in Korea.

Kaplan, W.D. and H.D. Gugler. Nutritive cells in the testes of Drosophila males.

Kaufmann, B.P. Participation of chromosome 4 in end-to-end association with otherchromosomes in salivary-gland cells of D. melanogaster.

Kikkawa, H. Genetic effects of a chemosterilant (Metepa, metaphoxide) in D. melanogaster.

Krimbas, C.B. and E. Zouros. Crossing over suppression between linked but non-overlappinginversions in Drosophila subobscura.

Kuroda, Y. Characteristic aggregation pattern of dissociated imaginal disc cells ofDrosophila melanogaster larvae in rotation-culture.

Kuroda, Y. The effect of ecdysone analogues on the differentiation of eye-antennaldiscs cultured in a chemically defined medium.

Lewis, E.B. Cytological location of the multiple-wing-hairs (mwh) gene inDrosophila melanogaster.

Litchev, V.A. The effect of radiation on the nuclear RNA synthesis in the cells ofthe gastric caeca of Drosophila melanogaster.

Mange, A.P. Larval density versus sex ratio in D. melanogaster.

Mather, W.B. The genus Drosophila at Sandakan.

Mather, W.B. Chromosomal polymorphism in D. rubida from Awala, New Guinea.

Mather, W.B., V. Baimai and I.R. Bock. The genus Drosophila in New Guinea.

Matsudaira, Y. and T. Yamasaki. Two types of lethal mutation induced by soft X-rayin D. melanogaster.

Merriam, J.R. FM7: A "new" first chromosome balancer.

Metcalfe, J.A. Hypodermal irregularities of the thorax of dumpy mutants.

Mglinetz, V.A. and V.A. Semyonova. Duplications induced by irradiation of Drosophila melanogaster females.

Milos, O. Is crossing over in Drosophila males induced by heat?

Mohamed, A.H. and P.A. Kemner. Cytogenetic effects of hydrogen fluoride on D. melanogaster.

Monclús, M. Influence of daytime and season on mating propensity in D. subobscura.

Muñoz, E.H. and B.M. Barnett. Sex-linked recessive lethal test with LSD in Drosophila melanogaster sperm.

McCune, T. Amylase isozymes in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster.

Nash, D. The equivalence of Hairless alleles of reportedly different penetrance.

O’Brien, S.J. Genetics of malic dehydrogenase-1 in D. melanogaster.

Oshima, C. and P.K. Watanabe. Viability of lethal heterozygotes of D. melanogaster under fluctuating temperature.

Paik, Y.K., U.C. Hong and K.C. Sung. Inversions in a Korean Drosophila melanogaster population.

Paik, Y.K. and Y. Choi. The mutagenic effect of formaldehyde sodium sulfoxylate onmale germ cells of Drosophila melanogaster.

Pelecanos, M. An early oögonial stage highly sensitive to the larval feeding of diethyl sulphate.

Pipkin, S.B. A genetic study of octanol dehydrogenase isozyme patterns in D. pellewae.

Portin, P. The meiotic loss of the extra Y-chromosome in relation to its preferential segregation in D. melanogaster XXY-females.

Rai Chaudhuri, A. Lipo-protein nature of the so-called vacuole in salivary gland cells of the mutant "fat" in Drosophila melanogaster.

Rahman, S.M.Z. and V.K. Singh. A survey of Bhagalpur population of Drosophila.

Rasmuson, B. and H. Johansson. Drosophila species in the northern part of Sweden.

Rathie, K.A. Faster scoring of a quantitative trait of Drosophila melanogaster.

Rayle, R.E. Interaction of the mutants zeste and white ocelli.

Rayle, R.E. and D.I. Hoar. Gene order and cytological localization of several X-linked mutants of Drosophila melanogaster.

Rey, B.M. The culture of Drosophila embryonic cells in H-5 medium.

Ribó, G. and A. Prevosti. Viability gene-frequency dependent in mutants of D. melanogaster.

Roberts, P.A. Df(1)260-1 is not a terminal deficiency.

Robertson, F.W. and M. Chipchase. The comparison of genetic differences by hybridization between DNA and RNA synthesised in vitro.

Sanger, W.G. and B.D. Miller. Further study of hybrids between D. azteca and D. tolteca.

Schalet, A. Three Y suppressed phenotypes associated with X chromosomes carrying In(1)BM1.

Schalet, A. A Y chromosome carrying the v+ to dy+ region of the X.

Schalet, A. Additional data concerning genes in the proximal region of the X chromosome ofDrosophila melanogaster.

Sharma, R.P. and M.S. Swaminathan. Effect of fluorodeoxyuridine alone and in combination with radiation on crossing-over in Drosophila melanogaster females.

Shiomi, T. The mutagenic effectiveness of 14.1 Mev neutrons in post-meiotic germcells of D. melanogaster.

Smith, P.D. and W.L. Bischoff. Presence of sex pedtide in Drosophila melanogasterintersexes.

Spiess, E.B. and S. Prakash. D. persimilis frequencies of gene arrangements in Miranda, California

Srám, R. and H. Weidenhofferova. Mutagenic activity of saccharin.

Valentin, J. Interchromosomal effects of SM1 and SM5 on crossing-over.

Von Halle, E.S. Pursuing the Enhancer of white.

Wagenberg, B.D. and A.B. Burdick. Effect of K-pn on the pseudoalleles of the prune locus.

Wakahama, K.-I., O. Kitagawa and C.D. Kastritsis. Chromosomal variation and sexualisolation in the Drosophila nasuta complex.

Walton, P.D. The use of a behavoural character in population genetics.

Weisbrot, D.R. and L. Plati. Esterase patterns in interspecific hybrids of D. pseudoobscura and D. persimilis.

Williamson, J.H. EMS-induced mutants in the Y chromosome of D. melanogaster.

Wright, T.R.F. Virginator stocks.

Technical Notes

Bennett, J. and H. Ostrowski. An improved inexpensive plastic population cage.

Cuperus, P., J.A. Beardmore and W. van Delden. An electronic fly-counter.

Delcour, J. A rapid and efficient method of egg-collecting.

Félix, R. Control of bacterial contamination in Drosophila food medium.

Glaser, P. Two devices to prevent loss of cultures due to incubator failures.

Gooch, J.L. A large population cage.

Lakovaara, S. Malt as a culture medium for Drosophila species.

Lakovaara, S., W. Hackman and K. Vepsilinen. A malt bait in trapping Drosophilids.

McCune, T. Electrophoresis of alpha-amylases of Drosophila melanogaster.

Moyer, S.E. and J.M. Cieri. Control of mites on Drosophila with NaCl.

Samis, H.V., Jr. and F.C. Erk. An improved method for obtaining cell-free homogenates of Drosophila adults.

Stocker, A.J. A simple micro-injection apparatus for Drosophila.

Trout, W.E., III. A fly cooler.

Wright, T.R.F., M.H. Day, and M.D. Morton. Drosophila culture replicator.

Teaching Note

Moree, R. and D. T. Grahn. Demonstration of intra- and inter-chromosomal affects of inversions on crossing over.

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